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Beaches Near Boston

Boston, also known as ‘the best city’, also has some of the best beaches you can find and has them in abundance. Asides being a great holiday destination with a variety of cities, towns and coasts, y (Read More)ou’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out just how many ways there are to enjoy a warm sunny day by the water.

Here is the list of 11 Top Rated Beaches Near Boston For Fun Day Out

1. Carson Beach

Carson Beach

Located in South Boston, Massachusetts, Carson Beach is a public beach regularly maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Historically, It has always been famous for its bathhouse and other amenities, furthermore, it was recently renovated and is known to have three pavilions, food and recreation stands along with other facilities.

Things to do: There are many fun and interesting places nearby when you visit Carson Beach
South Boston Bark Park
Board the Cruise for a Tour
Molly Moo’s Ice Cream & Cafe
Walkaway from Carson Beach to Fort Independence
Address: [126-171] William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127.
Distance from Boston: 7 min (4.5 mi) via I-93 S

2. M Street Beach

M Street Beach

M Street, another beach nearby Carson beach, adjoins Carson Beach and L Street Beach to the south of Pleasure Beach. The best part about this beach is that it lies within the city and is very convenient to get to. Additionally, you can enjoy your weekends at this pretty spot and relax. It is also a great spot to take an evening walk at or have a picnic with your family after work.

Address: Boston, MA 02127.
Distance from Boston: 9 min (5.5 mi) via I-93 S and William J Day Blvd
Things to do: There are many places near the M Street beach that you can visit on your trip
Castle Island
Bunker Hill Monument
Squantum Point Park
Joe Moakley park
Fort independence

3. Orient Heights Beach

Orient Heights Beach

Constitution Beach, located in Orient Heights, is a crescent-shaped, man-made beach that was originally built and opened to the public in 1952. It’s a sandy beach in East Boston and the locals refer to it as “Shays Beach”. The most special feature about this beach is that you can watch the runway of Logan International Airport as you’re sitting by the beach. It also has many amenities, like a bathhouse, snacks bar, indoor ice rink, basketball and tennis courts and so much more!

Things to do:

Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Boston Public Garden
Boston National Historical Garden
New England Aquarium
Boston Common
Address: Orient Heights Beach, Boston, MA 02128.
Distance from Boston: 11 min (4.6 mi) via MA-1A N

4. Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach

Malibu beach is an accessible beach located within the city of Boston. It is adjacent to Savin Hill Beach and forms a 90-degree angle with it. It’s a great spot for calm evenings and relaxing yet fun activities. It also consists of a bathhouse, children’s ground, basketball courts etc. Overall, its a perfect picnic/family spot to visit after a long day.
Things to do:
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Savin Hill and Malibu Beach
Museum Beach
Skywalk Observatory
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Free parking available
No pets allowed with the exception of service animals
Address: Malibu Beach, Boston, MA 02125.
Distance from Boston: 8 min (5.1 mi) via I-93 S

5. Tenean Beach

Tenean Beach

It is a small beach in Boston. It is not ideal for swimming because of the water quality, however, it is a great spot for various activities. There’s a basketball court, tennis court, a trail for walking pets, cycling etc. You can sit by the beach and observe Boston’s skyline which is definitely worthwhile.
Things to do:
Boston Winery
Marina Bay
The Moswetuset Hummock
Savin Hill Beach
Address: Conley St, Boston, MA 02122.
Distance from Boston: 11 min (6.5 mi) via I-93 S and Morrissey Blvd

6. Wollaston Beach

Wollaston Beach

Wollaston Beach is located on Quincy Shore Drive and is the largest public beach in Boston. It’s a popular spot that is frequented by dog walkers, cyclists, runners on a daily basis. However, it is not suitable for swimming or taking a bath due to water quality. It’s surrounded by many seafood restaurants, a Taipei restaurant, convenience stores and more. It lies very close to the main city.
Things to do:
Quincy Shores Reservation
Wollaston Yacht Club
Squantum Yacht Club
Adams National Historical Park
Quincy House
Merrymount Park
Address: 970 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170.
Distance from Boston: 13 min (9.1 mi) via I-93 S

7. Savin Hill Beach

Savin Hill Beach

Located right next to the Malibu Beach, Savin Hill Beach is a public beach in Dorchester neighbourhood of Boston. It is a sandy beach and is a famous summer spot for sunbathing, swimming and other activities. It has a baseball court and a protected swimming area. The great thing about this beach is that it provies a pretty view of the Keyspan Gas Tank, a famous artwork, and it is also close by to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial park.
Things to do:
Bayside Expo Center
James Blake House
Edward M, Kennedy Institute
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
Address: Savin Hill Beach, Boston, MA 02125.
Distance from Boston: 11 min (5.3 mi) via I-93 S

8. L Street Beach

L Street Beach

Lying very close to M Street Beach and with the Boston Harborwalk right by it, L Street Beach is one of the three Boston’s in-city beaches (the other two being Carson Beach and M Street beach). It has a bathhouse, play area for children and other facilities too.
Things to do:
Curley Community Center
Touchie’s Shamrock Pub
South Boston Bark Park
L Street Tavern
Dorchester Heights
Gate of Heaven Catholic Church
Address: L Street Beach, Boston, MA 02127.
Distance from Boston: 9 min (5.3 mi) via I-93 S

9. Castle Island

Castle Island

Castle Island is a beautiful, green peninsula on the shore of Boston. It is connected to the mainland by a small strip of land, hence, it isn’t an actual island. It is a famous recreation site and has many attractive places in its surroundings. Some fun activities to do when you visit this site include biking, running, swimming, fishing and more!
Things to do:
Fort Independence
The Paul Revere House
New England Aquarium
Boston Children’s Museum
The Institute of Contemporary Art
Address: 2010 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127
Open hours: 6:30 AM to 7 PM.
Distance from Boston: 12 min (3.9 mi) via Summer St

10. BU Beach

BU Beach

BU beach is a unique, non-sandy beach at Boston University. It is a popular summer spot where swimmers, cyclists, frisbee players, dog walkers and many people gather at due to the cool temperatures and relaxing environment. The green areas are also called as knolls and this is where people usually sit down to breathe in the view and enjoy a sunny day. It is definitely worth a visit. It is surrounded by so many more attractions within the university and outside it too.

Things to do:
The Castle at Boston University
Fenway Park
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Marsh Chapel
Address: 270 Bay State Rd, Boston, MA 02215
Open hours: 24 hours.
Distance from Boston: 10 min (3.0 mi) via Storrow Dr

11. Revere Beach

Revere Beach

Revere Beach became America’s first public beach in 1896 and is located 8 km north of downtown Boston. The beach is equipped with lifeguards, parking facilities plus its a great spot for biking, jogging or walking and you can find many restaurants nearby. It is known to have breathtaking sunset and sunrise views which make your visit pretty worthwhile.

Things to do:
New England Kite School
Gondola di Venezia
Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival
Boda Borg
The Lawn on D
Address: Revere Beach, Revere, MA 02151
Distance from Boston: 10 min 5.7 mi) via MA-1A N

The vast assortment of beaches ensures that you’re treated to a world-class temperate getaway complete with breathtaking scenery, world-renowned cuisine, neighbourly locals and unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting to stay.

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