Boston in November: Weather, Best Time to Visit, 4 Best Areas to Stay in and Top 10 Things to Do

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is a vibrant city, brimming with visitors who visit this city for its charm, hustle-bustle, and of course, the out of the world baked beans! Digging a little deeper, by visiting the plethora of historical sites, one shall discover that Boston has a surprising history of wealth and influence in the States. If you plan to visit Boston in November, we recommend you have a well-rounded trip, with a quintessential blend of classic with contemporary.  To help you plan it out, we have this comprehensive guide specially curated for a trip to Boston in November. So let’s get started!

Weather in Boston in November: Sunny Skies or Winter Chills?

November is a wonderful time to visit Boston. With gorgeous fall foliage and crisp air, walking around the city becomes really enjoyable and comfortable. But it is better to know a bit more about the weather conditions in Boston in November before planning out a perfect vacation.


As November arrives in Boston, the temperatures start falling rapidly, so on some days, it feels like autumn, while on some, the weather feels chilly. Early in the month, traces of fall might still be seen in parts of Boston, but most of the trees lose their leaves by the end of November. During early November days, the temperatures in the afternoon hover around 13- 14 degrees and sometimes go as high as 20 degrees.

However, at night, temperatures fall to as low as 5- 6 degrees. Overall, during the first fifteen days of the month, temperatures can fall up to 10 degrees on an average. By the end of the month, temperatures may fall upto 8-9 degrees in the afternoon and around 1-2 degrees at night. Temperatures may fall below 0 degrees only for 5-6 days in November. 

Rain and Snowfall

Boston experiences the second highest rainfall of the year in November, with an average of around 4 inches of rain, with 10 rainy days. This may vary, but on an average Boston experiences 70-130mm of rain in November. As for snowfall, it witnesses around 2.5 cms of snow, on an average.

Is November the Best Time to Visit Boston?

Although not the best time to visit Boston, this month has its perks. This month attracts fewer tourists so you can get some great deals on accommodations. Choosing the right locality to stay in is of great importance as it can make your trip cheaper.

4 Best Areas to Stay in Boston in November

The best areas to stay in Boston will depend on the kind of vacation you are planning:

1. For a Luxurious Vacation

Back Bay should be your pick. It is an upscale neighbourhood in Boston with some of the most happening places located nearby including Copley Square and upscale restaurants and hotels. Finding a budget hotel in this neighborhood is difficult sometimes, but you can stay at Garrison Street Apartments, located in a historic brick building. It comes with a cosy rooftop and it gives you an airbnb like experience.

2. For a Pocket Friendly Vacation

Allston and Brighton are popular neighbourhoods among students and young travellers who wish to travel on a budget. Although less populated by tourists, this area has some great pocket -friendly inns to stay at like the Farrington Inn. There aren’t a lot of things to do near this neighbourhood but it is fit for those who want to enjoy some pocket- friendly nightlife and younger crowd. 

3. A Vacation for History Buffs

Since the main purpose of visiting Boston is to explore its historical past, the North End is the best place to stay at. This neighbourhood is often referred to as ‘Little Italy’, because of the Italian immigrants who were settled here. Apart from the beautiful cobblestone streets, there are a lot of attractions in this neighbourhood like Paul Revere House and Christ Church. To get that European feel, this is your place to be.

4. Best Area for Sightseeing

This undoubtedly has to be Downtown. It is Boston’s commercial hub and one of the oldest parts of the town. You can find all the tourist attractions near this neighborhood including Freedom Trail. Faneuil Hall etc. Plenty of eateries and modern bars and restaurants can be found in this area. Chinatown is not too far from this area either. 

Top 10 Things to Do in Boston in November

From legendary landmarks to live concerts, here is our pick on the best things to do in Boston in November-

1. Go on Walking Tours

Taking one of the numerous walking tours in Boston will give you an insight into the rich history of Boston city. These walking tours provide an intimate experience with informative sessions and fun facts. Some of the popular walking tours in Boston include The Freedom Trail Tour, Kennedy and Irish Boston Tour, North end and Little Italy tour etc. Among all of these tours, the Freedom Trail is one of the most popular ones. It passes through some of the city’s most historical spots including Old State House, Old South Meeting House, the Boston Massacre site and the Massachusetts State House.

2. Experience a Musical Show


Although Boston is not really home to Broadway, you can experience some fine theatrical performances in this city. Numerous shows are lined up during November. ‘Tootsie’, hosted by Citizens Bank Opera House is one of the most popular musicals in Boston. Boston Opera House hosts several hit musicals, with ‘The Nutcracker’ being the most popular one. Do check it out if you are visiting Boston with kids.

3. Go Museum-hopping

Museums are a great source of knowledge, not just for adults, but for kids as well. Boston has a plethora of museums that host world-famous exhibitions, all thanks to the rich history of the city. Some of the most popular museums include the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, John F Kennedy Presidential Library and museum, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums, Boston Children's Museum and the Museum of African American History.

4. Admire the Magnificent Views of Boston from the Prudential Skywalk Observatory

The perfect time to visit this observatory is during the late afternoons, when the sky is in its breathtaking hues! In November, you get to see the birds  -eye view of the entire city, including the frozen River Charles, the snow - capped buildings and a lot more. The incredible view from the observatory is worth it. 

5. Go Ice Skating

If you are a fan of ice skating, visit Frog Pond, located on the Boston Common. You can not only skate here but also sip on some yummy hot chocolate as well! There is another ice skating rink which is open for all, located just across the river in Cambridge, known as Kendall Square.They host an annual Kendall Square Holiday Ice show which is a favourite among tourists.

6. Witness the City Beautifully Adorned with Christmas Lights

Although christmas is a month away, holiday spirits usually kick in, in Boston by November itself. You can visit Columbus Park for a casual stroll and admire the beautiful illuminations. Other places to visit include Somerville’s annual illumination Tour, the Public Garden Decorations, the Boston Common and Castle Hill decorations. At Castle Hill, you can witness some unique light and show displays, which are a must - watch for kids.

7. Visit Snowport for Some Fun Winter Sports


Snowport is Seaport’s Winter Wonderland, which offers fun sporting activities and a free curling experience for all. They also have complimentary open-air sleigh rides that will lead to Seaport Common, a great spot for a memorable winter stroll.
Spend a day at Somerville’s Bow Market: This market lights up during the holiday season and hosts a lot of winter markets and activities. So if you are keen on shopping from Boston markets, this is a great place to do that. There are some great restaurants and pubs nearby as well. So dine and shop till you drop!

8. Visit Fenway Park

Home to Boston’s Red Sox, Fenway Park is the oldest BallPark in Baseball’s Major Leagues history. A tour of this park includes the stadium, the press room, the club house and various fun facts associated with this historic ballpark. For baseball enthusiasts, this is definitely a must - visit spot.

9. Boston Brewery Tours

If you are a fan of freshly brewed beer, then this tour is perfect for you! These tours focus on the popular brew and pub scenes of Boston, and you get an opportunity to understand the history of the various breweries in Boston,its making and mechanics, all up close. This tour is operated entirely on foot. Before planning your day, do go through the various websites and choose your favorite.

10. Visit the New England Aquarium

A favourite among kids, this huge aquarium is filled with fascinating marine life and has a unique software attached to glass to enable the visitors to identify its inhabitants. From little sharks to crabs, from stingray touching pools to starfish pools, this aquarium has it all. The main star of this entire attraction are the little penguins! Kids will indeed have a gala time at this park.
Attend some live music events- Boston hosts some amazing performances live, every year, especially in November, so make sure you check out the list of concerts. It is not just concerts that Boston is famous for, but live orchestra shows as well. You can embark into a musical experience when you visit Boston in November. Boston Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the most famous ones so do check their website out for more information.

Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Boston in November

  • The month of November witnesses a combination of warm afternoons and chilly nights. So if you are planning to visit Boston in November, make sure you are prepared for both kinds of weather conditions. Pack a few sweaters and medium weight coats with hat and gloves. There are possibilities of light rain and snowfall in November, so carrying a raincoat or an umbrella might be useful. 
  • Unless you live too far away from the city, hiring a car to travel around the city might not be the best option. Parking in the busy streets, with high parking charges, might be an additional burden.
  • Walking is the best way to explore the city of Boston. Pack appropriate shoes, which are comfortable enough for long walks. Since it is winter-time in Boston in November, there might be light snowfall on some days. So do pack a sturdy pair of snow boots that will help you walk comfortably.
  • If you are not keen on walking, and would like to avoid a car or a cab, then taking a subway is the next best alternative. The cheapest way to travel is to get a seven-day unlimited pass if you plan to stay for a longer period or a CharlieCard, which can be ordered online or bought from select stores and subway stations.The Seven-day card includes the Charleston Ferry as well. CharlieCard is useful if you plan to use the subway on a pay- as - you - go basis. It offers a 50 cent discount on regular fares and is also valid for free bus transfers. 
  • One important tip to remember is that if you plan on taking the Green Line Subway to go to Brookline, keep in mind that it has four lines namely B, C, D and E. If you are boarding a station with multiple lines, make sure you board the right train, as multiple lines can often be very confusing.
  • Waterway is another viable option, other than the common public transports.Charlestown, a popular tourist attraction is just a quick ferry ride from Downtown Boston. Other ferry services include Winthrop, Boston Harbour Islands, Hull, Quincy etc.
  • Unlike other cities in the States, Boston has a ban on after work drink specials. All deals are restricted to food, so you will find attractive offers on foods instead of drinks like two for one tacos or $1 oysters. Some places offer half the rate deals from 4:00PM-6:00PM.
  • Be very mindful of the fact that Boston is directionally challenged. Roads twist and turn abruptly. It is best to keep Google Maps handy while you are exploring the streets of Boston.
  • Restaurants and bars usually close earlier than those in other cities. There are just a handful of 24 hour restaurants, bars and supermarkets and the rest usually close by midnight. 
  • If you plan on staying at an airbnb for your vacation in Boston, make sure you go through the rules and regulations with the owner. According to recent laws, a few additional charges have been implemented, so be careful while you book.
  • Boston offers access to many free activities starting from free outdoor movies to outdoor yoga, open to all museums to film screenings, and a lot more. Make sure to check these out before you plan your day.
If you are looking for a chilly, snowy vacation, then visiting Boston in November seems to be a great option. With fewer tourists around, accommodations provide great deals as well! But planning a trip to Boston can prove to be a task if you do not have a fair idea about the city. This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know before you book your tickets to Boston.

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