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The northern and southern shores of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, are home to a number of beaches such as Carson Beach, Short Beach, Tenean Beach, Savin Hill Beach, amongst others. Beaches in (Read More) Boston are great for swimming and also offer the possibility of engaging in some recreational activities such as boating, surfing, hiking, playing volleyball, sunbathing with the view of the Boston skyline in front or simply tasting some delicious seafood since the beaches are lined with numerous food shacks.

Here is the list of 11 Best Beaches in Boston for a Day Trip

1. Carson Beach

Carson Beach

Carson Beach, South Boston is a public beach and an excellent location for swimming, playing volleyball, walking along the shoreline or sunbathing and also offers an excellent view of the Boston Financial District. There are a few snack shacks on the beach, some of which are known for their lobster rolls. Moreover, there are a number of well-known food joints such as Panera Bread, SUBWAY and Ethel & Andy’s Sandwich shop quite close by. Lifeguard stations assure safety while the recently renovated bathhouse acts as a changing room.

Address: [126-171] William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127, USA
Closest Subway Stop: JFK/UMass station on the red line (half a mile away from the beach)
Parking: Available around the beach
Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours

2. M Street Beach

M Street Beach

M Street Beach is a three-mile-long, slightly rocky beach located within the city of Boston itself and is quite close to Carson Beach. While it is not too well-known for being a great swimming destination (lifeguards are on duty), it is ideal for walking along the shoreline or simply sunbathing. The beach does not offer a lot of facilities but visitors can walk to food vendors on Carson Beach to grab a bite. It’s also a suitable location for hiking or walking pets.

Address: M Street/ William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127, USA
Restrictions: Campfires, littering and pets (between 1 May and 30 September) are prohibited
Parking: Parking lot available
Suggested Duration: 1-3 hours

3. Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach

Located near Savin Hill Beach, Malibu Beach is a popular destination in Dorchester, Boston. It is great for swimming (there are lifeguards on duty at all times), surfing, kayaking or for sports like baseball. It’s also ideal for picnics as there are picnic tables, benches, grilling stations as well as water fountains, and for children, as there is a playground with a swing-set. Visitors can enjoy a hike on the Boston Harbor Walk cutting through the beach or eat at one of the food vendors on-site or just outside the beach.

Address: 401 William T. Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02125, USA
Parking: Free parking lot
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Facilities: Restrooms, showers, beach wheelchairs
Restrictions: Campfires and pets (from 1 May to 30 September) are not allowed

4. Tenean Beach

Tenean Beach

Tenean Beach in Dorchester, Boston is a relatively smaller yet popular destination that regularly attracts large crowds. Besides offering its visitors the option of taking a dip in the waters, it is well-known for being a great location for sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball, and also has a playground. The Neponset Trail makes it an ideal destination for those who wish to walk, jog, hike or simply walk their pets. Moreover, the location of Tenean Beach provides visitors with a wonderful view of the Boston skyline.

Address: Conley St, Boston, MA 02122, USA
Activities: Volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, walking, sunbathing
Restrictions: Smoking and littering are not allowed

5. Constitution Beach

Constitution Beach

Located in the Harborview neighbourhood of East Boston, Constitution Beach is a sandy beach, also known as “Shays Beach” or "Orient Heights Beach." Despite being a hidden waterfront, it's popular for swimming and sports such as baseball and tennis and is also for fishing. What makes it special is that it is quite close to the runways of Logan International Airport and Gang Eapar, providing visitors with a clear view of aeroplanes taking off and landing. Facilities available include restrooms, a bathhouse, picnic area and concession stand.

Address: Entrance via the Anthony and Dee Dee Marmo pedestrian overpass, 799 Bennington St., Boston, MA 02128, USA
Restrictions: Alcohol, pets and littering are prohibited
Activities: Swimming, baseball, tennis, fishing
Parking: There is a parking lot.

6. Savin Hill Beach

Savin Hill Beach

Savin Hill Beach is a public sandy beach situated in the Dorchester neighbourhood of Boston and is a popular swimming destination. The beach, which is close to Malibu beach, boasts of baseball fields and a playground, which make it an ideal location for softball or baseball, and also for kids. Other facilities available to the public include restrooms, lifeguard stations, benches, beach wheelchairs and trails (excellent for hiking).

Address: 68 Denny St, Dorchester, MA 02125, USA
Parking: There is a parking lot
Closest Subway Stop: Savin Hill on the MTBA Redline
Restrictions: Littering, alcohol and pets (apart from service animals) are not allowed

7. Wollaston Beach

Wollaston Beach

Wollaston Beach, a public beach that runs parallel to Quincy Shore Drive, is perhaps the biggest in the Boston Harbor area. It is an excellent place for swimming, and Brett Bathhouse provides the public with outdoor showers and indoor changing rooms. Key features include a seawall, concession stands as well as a continuous walkway. Visitors can walk along the shore or participate in some beach sports, and the park acts as a playing ground for children. The seasonal restaurants are quite popular for their seafood.

Address: 970 Quincy Shore
Closest Subway Stop: Wollaston Station on the MTBA Redline
Cost: Free
Activities: Swimming, walking, hiking, dog walking, cycling

8. Winthrop Beach

Winthrop Beach

Situated just outside of Boston, Winthrop Beach is the main beach in Winthrop and is open to the public throughout the year. A popular destination for both adults and children, it is suitable for swimming as well as fishing. Lifeguards are on duty from late July to early September. The beach is accessible via the Subway (the MTBA Blue line), the bus, the car or by walking from the Winthrop Shore Drive.

Address: Winthrop Shore Drive, Winthrop, MA, 02152
Parking: Free parking available
Suggested Duration: 2-4 hours

9. Castle Island

Castle Island

Castle Island, which was once an island, is now a peninsula in South Boston after being connected to the mainland. This beach is open to the public throughout the year and is an excellent location for swimming, biking, hiking, playing beach sports or fishing. Castle Island is also home to Fort Independence and visitors can opt for an educational tour of the same. Some key facilities available to the public include restrooms, rinsing showers, lifeguard and first-aid stations, a boardwalk etc., while Sullivan’s offers visitors the chance to devour seafood.

Address: 2010 Willian J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127, USA
Timings: 6:30am- 7:00pm
Suggested Duration: 2-4 hours (more if you wish to take a tour of the fort)
Parking: Free parking near the fort and metered parking along the beach

10. Short Beach

Short Beach

Short Beach is a rocky and sandy beach in Revere and is less crowded than other beaches. It is a preferred destination for water sports like swimming, kayaking, surfing and paddleboarding while the John Joseph Kilmartin Pathway serves as an excellent walking trail. In terms of facilities, there is a shower near the main entrance, lifeguards are on duty and there are food vendors within walking distance.

Address: Winthrop Parkway, Revere, MA 02151, USA
Parking: A small parking lot off Winthrop Avenue
Suggested Duration: 1-3 hours
Restrictions: Littering, campfires and pets (between 1 April and 15 September) are not allowed

11. L Street Beach

L Street Beach

Located in South Boston, L Street Beach, like M Street Beach, is quite a long shoreline. A very distinct feature of this beach is that it is home to L Street Brownies, a local group of swimmers. The beach is excellent for swimming, walking, hiking, skating or biking. The beach is accessible via the Subway, by car or by bus, or simply by walking.

Address: Day Blvd, South Boston, MA 02205
Suggested Duration: 1-3 hours
Activities: Swimming, skating, biking/cycling, walking

Hope you find this list of beaches in Boston useful! Let us know in the comments below if we've missed any.

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