How to Reach Boston

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport serves as the gateway for international tourists to Boston. From here, you can use a bus or subway to get into the city.

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How to Reach Boston from India

Connecting flights from all major airlines can be taken from international airports in India to reach Boston, with one or two stops in between.

How to reach Boston by flight

The Logan International Airport welcomes flights from selected International cities along with cities accross the country, which is the major way to get in Boston. 50 miles North of Boston is the Manchestar-Boston Regional Airport, which can be used for flying to nearby cities.

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How to reach Boston by road

Taxis can be hired for getaways from Boston, but they cost a lot. Self-driving is not recommended. Rail and buses are still the best options.

How to reach Boston by train

Amtrak rail services enable you to traverse to nearby cities from Boston.

How to reach Boston by bus

Buses from various companies are available for commuting to cities around Boston.

How to reach Boston by Waterways

The Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is the port in Boston for cruise ships. Water shuttles and taxis can be taken to reach Cambridge, which is just a river away from Boston.

Local transport in Boston

Boston is a walk-friendly city. Unless you need to go away from the city center, you can cover the distance on ¾foot. For distant locations, the subway system (known as "T") is the best option. Along with subway system, the MBTA also provides bus and water shuttle services.Other ways to get around some parts of the city include using a taxi or water taxi.

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