Flyovers in India : A Guide To India's Longest Flyovers

Flyovers in India

India is a developing country where the infrastructure is continually being built and improved, flyovers and elevated expressways are a significant part of this development. To handle the heavy traffic in the chaotic city and reduce any inconvenience to the public new flyovers are being built all over the country. India is slowly turning into the country everyone dreamt for it to be where transport has become extremely convenient, and flyovers have played an essential role in making that imagination a reality. Here is a look at the three most prominent and vital flyovers in India.


Here is the list of 3 Flyovers in India : A Guide To India's Longest Flyovers

1. Hebbal Flyover

‘Garden city of India’ Bangalore has one of the greatest flyovers in India. The electronic city flyover is the biggest all over India. The flyover spans a length of 5.23 kilometres, designed to decongest traffic at the junction of NH-7 and outer ring road built by Gammon India. Bangalore assembly constituency area that is indicative of the north endpoint in the city is known as Hebbal, famous for its breathtaking lake. The city has witnessed constant development and growth. The Hebbal flyover has currently become the bottleneck for all traffic flow from the city towards North and vice-versa throughout the day. As the traffic gets worse day by day, the flyover faces various problems with its expansion joints, which serve the purpose of absorbing shocks and expansion and contractions. The flyover is maintained by the National Highways Authority of India that is continually trying to ensure that the public suffers no inconvenience and the traffic moves as smoothly as possible. To ease the traffic an additional loop 1.19 km long for Hebbal flyover is constructed at the height of 18.96 meters from ground level alongside the construction of a grade separator and underpass.

2. Visvesvaraya Flyover

Visweswaraiah flyover is our country’s longest flyover and was inaugurated in the year 2009. The flyover connects Mehdipatnam to Aramghar junction on NH-7 leading to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad and is 11.6 Km long. This flyover in India enables the public to detour with three up and down ramps at different places Lakshmi Nagar junction, Budvel Junction and Aramghar junction, and it has the latest technology of prefabricated segment and overhead grid launcher making it convenient for the public as well as it has a central lighting system. Built over three years, the cost for building it is around Rs.600 crores. The expressway was built after the construction of Hyderabad airport in 2005 as a contingency plan was required to manage the traffic on a single free route from the city to the airport, as the path suffered a considerable amount of traffic and was not in any position to accommodate any further rise in traffic. The original plan of creating an 8-lane road was discarded, and a 4-lane flyover was constructed. Since 2009, this flyover in India has served its purpose by making lives of people easy and making it very convenient for them to reach the airport in a shorter duration of time and in the most hassle-free way possible.

3. Memnagar Junction Flyover

Ahmedabad is the biggest and one of the most beautiful cities in Gujarat, and the city is being developed as the science city with the primary aim to improve its infrastructure and make the life of travellers easy. Ahmedabad has remained a centre of culture and commerce for western India through its focus on higher education and growing information technology sector. To manage the city traffic by foreseeing the increase in traffic growth Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has proposed to construct four-lane flyover bridge spans to a length of 382 m and width is 24.20 m. The majestic monuments are the biggest highlight of Ahmedabad alongside numerous essential industries.

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