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Here are the top 60 weekend getaways from Bhopal

1. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

3.9 /5 View 16+ photos

211 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 33 ° C

Known For : Bee falls Jata Shankar caves Pandava Caves

The only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is often known as the queen of the Satpura ranges.

Best Time: Throughout the year

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2. Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

3.8 /5 View 16+ photos

45 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 37 ° C

Known For : The Rock Caves Hoshangabad Bhojpur

The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site, exhibiting the earliest traces of human life on the Indian subcontinent, and thus the beginning of the South Asian Stone Age.

Best Time: October to April

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3. Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

3.5 /5 View 21+ photos

190 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 37 ° C

Known For : Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Kal Bhairava Temple Ram Mandir Ghat

Ujjain considered to be one of the holiest cities of India, is the home to Mahakaleshwar Temple and is also one of the four sites for the Kumbh Mela.

Best Time: October to March

4. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

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48 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 37 ° C

Known For : Sanchi Stupa The Great Bowl Ashok Pillar

Most famous for the Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi is a must visit for every Buddhist going on pilgrimage and is on the list of UNESCO World heritage sites.

Best Time: July to March

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5. Indore, Madhya Pradesh

3.3 /5 View 10+ photos

194 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 36 ° C

Known For : Lal Bagh Palace Rajwada City Shopping

The charm of this city lies in its rich cultural heritage which has been preserved over centuries.

Best Time: July to March

6. Udayagiri Caves

3.1 /5

48 kms from Bhopal

Udayagiri means the mountain of the sunrise, a historical Hindu ritual site home to twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. They are extensively carved with iconographies of Hindu Gods, namely Vishnu, Durga and Shiva containing legendary stories of the Gods and their Shrines.

7. Hatta

4.1 /5

243 kms from Bhopal

Staying true to the vision of the founders of the United Arab Emirates of expanding into modern horizons while sticking to its roots, Hatta is an amalgamation of adventure glorifying the topography of the Emirate in the backdrop of its rich culture.

8. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

4.3 /5 View 18+ photos

351 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 37 ° C

Known For : Jehangir Mahal, Orchha Fort Ram Raja Temple Raja Mahal, Orchha Fort

Known for its grand palaces, intricately carved temples and striking forts, situated on banks of river Betwa Orchha is a city with a lot of historical significance and a photographers' delight.

Best Time: July to March

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9. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

4.4 /5 View 26+ photos

303 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 21 - 37 ° C

Known For : Marble Rocks Dhuandhar Falls Chausath Yogini Temple

Also regarded as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, this small town has earned a reputation for the 100 ft tall resplendent rocks on either sides of Narmada in not only India, but all across the world.

Best Time: November to March

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10. Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh

3.4 /5 View 22+ photos

263 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 23 - 39 ° C

Known For : Omkareshwar Jyothirlinga temple Kedareshwar Temple Parikrama on the island

Omkareshwar is a pilgrimage center for Hindus housing one of the 12 jyotirlingas, situated on Mandhata islands in river Narmada.

Best Time: October to March

11. Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh

3.5 /5 View 38+ photos

286 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 22 - 39 ° C

Known For : Holkar Fort Mandleshwar Rajwada

Based on the banks of the River Narmada, Maheshwar was the capital of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar's province, Holkar and is also famous for its temples and architecture.

Best Time: October to March

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12. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

4.2 /5 View 16+ photos

372 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 20 - 38 ° C

Known For : Light and Sound Show, Khajuraho Dulhadev Temple Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Khajuraho is known around the world for its stunning temples adorned by erotic and sensuous carvings.

Best Time: July to March

13. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

3.7 /5

410 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 22 - 35 ° C

With the majestic Pench river flowing through the greens and a variety of wildlife to be spotted in the rocky terrains, Pench National Park served as an inspiration for the famous novel 'The Jungle Book'.

Best Time: October to June

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14. Ranthambore, Rajasthan

4.2 /5 View 22+ photos

484 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 37 ° C

Known For : Jeep Safari Ranthambore Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Ranthambhore Fort

This is one of the best tiger reserves of the country, known to have ""friendly"" tigers

Best Time: October to Apr

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15. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

3.3 /5 View 25+ photos

313 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 20 - 37 ° C

Known For : Dhuandhar Falls Boat ride to Bhedaghat Sea World Water Park

Jabalpur, located on the shores of river Narmada, is an industrial city picking up as a tourist destination because of its splendid ghats, waterfalls and other historical and cultural structures.

Best Time: August to March

16. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

4.0 /5 View 27+ photos

284 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 21 - 35 ° C

Known For : Jahaz Mahal Rani Rupmati's Pavilion Baz Bahadur's Palace

This marvellous city is so deeply drenched into the ruins of the architectural wonders of the ancient times that it is surely going to take you back in time.

Best Time: October to March

17. Nagpur, Maharashtra

3.3 /5 View 27+ photos

351 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 23 - 37 ° C

Known For : Dhamma Chakra Stupa Ramtek Fort Temple Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

Commonly associated with its delectable juicy varieties of oranges, Nagpur is also the winter capital of Maharashtra and is known for its rich cultural heritage.

Best Time: October to March

18. Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

3.3 /5 View 14+ photos

341 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 22 - 39 ° C

Known For : Asirgarh Fort Jama Masjid, Burhanpur Dargah-E-Hakimi

Burhanpur is a historical town based on the banks of the Tapti River in Madhya Pradesh with few marvelous architectural examples.

Best Time: October to March

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19. Bundi, Rajasthan

3.4 /5 View 11+ photos

379 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 37 ° C

Known For : Taragarh Fort Moti Mahal, Bundi Badal Mahal, Bundi

A princely state for a princely stay, in the northwest of India, lies the district of Bundi, in the Hadoti region of the royal state of Rajasthan.

Best Time: October to March

20. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

3.5 /5 View 17+ photos

455 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 21 - 35 ° C

A delightful town situated in the district of Mandla, Kanha National park is the haven of an exceptionally wide variety of wild animals, including the majestic creature tiger.

Best Time: October to June

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21. Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

3.6 /5

307 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 34 ° C

Known For : Bhimkund Melghat Tiger Reserve Narnala Fort

Being the only coffee growing area in the state, Chikhaldara also boasts of beautiful lakes, breathtaking panoramic viewpoints and exotic wildlife.

Best Time: July to February

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22. Bhojpur

3.7 /5 View 5+ photos

25 kms from Bhopal

The enigmatic temple of Bhojpur is an incomplete Hindu temple situated in the Bhojpur Village of Madhya Pradesh. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it houses a 7.5 feet high lingam in its sanctum and is believed to have been constructed in the 11th century during the reign of King Bhoja. The te...

23. Hoshangabad

3.7 /5 View 7+ photos

66 kms from Bhopal

Lying along the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, the district of Hoshangabad is a charming tourist destination which has a number of tourist destinations located in and around it. It has been named after Hoshang Shah, the first ruler of the Malwa Region. Hoshangabad is blessed with a mix of...

24. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

3.4 /5 View 14+ photos

448 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 17 - 37 ° C

Known For : Gwalior Fort Jai Vilas Palace Gujari Mahal (State Archaeological Museum)

A historic city founded by king Surajesan, Gwalior is galore with beautiful monuments, palaces and temples, giving this city a majestic charm which speaks volumes of its glorious past.

Best Time: July to March

25. Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

3.6 /5 View 13+ photos

452 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 36 ° C

Known For : Chittorgarh Fort Vijay Stambh Maha Sati

A historic city, Chittorgarh is mainly known for it's beautiful forts and temples

Best Time: October to March

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26. Bawangaja

3.8 /5

299 kms from Bhopal

Located in the Bawani district of the southwestern Madhya Pradesh, Bawangaja is a popular Jain pilgrimage site. Situated just in the vicinity of River Narmada, the spot is best known for the world's second largest megalithic statue (carved out of the mountain) of Lord Rishabhadeva.

27. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

4.2 /5 View 8+ photos

498 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 35 ° C

Formerly a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Rewa, this National Park is world-renowned as a tiger reserve.

Best Time: October to June

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28. Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

3.3 /5 View 16+ photos

285 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 18 - 36 ° C

Known For : Madhav National Park Chhatri The Madhav Vilas Palace

With a very minimal population and located at a height of 478 metres above sea level coupled with some of the most exotic attractions, Shivpuri makes up for a very tranquil and peaceful destination.

Best Time: November to March

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29. Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

3.4 /5 View 17+ photos

488 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 24 - 36 ° C

Known For : Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Moharli Khosla

Famous for its natural heritage, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is definitely one of India’s most exciting and best protected Tiger Reserve, with most visible tiger sightings in the state of Maharashtra

Best Time: October to March

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30. Vidisha

50 kms from Bhopal

Vidisha, a quaint town in Madhya Pradesh is one of the few, less heard of, unconventional places of historic importance. Located near the state capital, Bhopal, it has a rich cultural heritage a number of magnificent monuments, temples and ruins. This place is a huge tourist spot in MP and if you’re...

31. Patalpani Waterfalls

185 kms from Bhopal

The Patalpani Waterfall is located in the Mhow Tehsil of Indore district and is a popular picnic spot for the locals of the area. Surrounded by dense forest covers, majestic hills, clear skies and lush green landscapes Patalpani is perfect for anyone looking for a time out from their mundane schedul...

32. Tincha Falls

165 kms from Bhopal

Located 25 kilometres from the bustling city of Indore, Tincha Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls in the region. The milky white cascade is located in the Tincha village, also where the falls derive their name from. The roaring plunge of water at a height of 300 feet is a rain fed waterfal...

33. Janapav

200 kms from Bhopal

Nestled among similar hills of the Malwa region, Janapav, or Janapav Kuti, is the ideal getaway for lovers of nature and trekkers alike. If you’re looking to traverse through twisty bends in Central Indian forests while peacefully gazing over distant hills and the crimson sunset, then this hill stat...

34. Madhai

4 kms from Bhopal

Madhai is a quaint town located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhai is serene and peaceful because of which this place becomes an ideal holiday destination to get away from the pell mell of the city. The place is rich in biodiversity and the lush greenery that wraps the whole place is mesmerizing...

35. Choral Dam

194 kms from Bhopal

If you are tired of the pell mell of the daily life and want to go away to unwind and relax, Choral Dam is just the place for you. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Choral Dam is a hidden gem that will definitely provide you with quietness and tranquility. Constructed around the backwaters of ...

36. Hanuwantiya

167 kms from Bhopal

Hanuwantiya is one of the island amongst the archipelago situated in the Indira Sagar river. This place is vibrant and colourful that will surely be a good break from the hustle bustle of the city life. Hanuwantiya island is full of scenic beauty and the cool water that surrounds this island is an a...

37. Hatyari Khoh

155 kms from Bhopal

You might be thinking why would someone want to visit a place to relax with such a lurid name. But Hatyari Khoh is anything but uncanny. Rather it is the most beautiful place you can visit to getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh,, Hatyari Khoh with fasci...

38. Mohadi Falls

163 kms from Bhopal

The breathtaking sight of water falling from a height is always thrilling, and Mohadi Waterfalls are just the perfect spot where you would take your family to visit for a picnic. Easily accessible, the Waterfall is located at a distance of 30 kms from Indore, it is an idyllic picnic spot if you are ...

39. Sitlamata Falls

171 kms from Bhopal

At a distance of 60 kms from the madding crowd of the city of Indore, Sitlamata Falls is located near a village called Manpur. The Waterfalls make a lovely spot for a picnic with a majestic view of the water gushing at a tremendous speed where you can also take a dip in the freezing water once the m...

40. Bamniya Kund

189 kms from Bhopal

Bamniya Kund is a captivating waterfall 50 kms from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Falling from a height of 300 feet, the waters gush down creating a colourful pool of clear blue waters, brown rocks and verdant green bushes. Nestled away in the depth of dense forests in the Malindi region near Indore, th...

41. Fatehpur Sikri

4.5 /5 View 19+ photos

427 kms from Bhopal

Located at a distance of 40km from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri is a perfect one day trip from Agra. A city predominantly made of red sandstone, Fatehpur Sikri was founded in 16th century by Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is essentially a fortified city built by the king and had been the capital of his ...

42. Eklingji Temple

4.4 /5 View 7+ photos

409 kms from Bhopal

Eklingji Temple is one of the most popular temples of Rajasthan and is sited at a distance of 22 km to the north of Udaipur. Eklingji Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion and its brilliant architecture drives several tourists here every year. This double-storied temple looks m...

43. Bharatpur National Park

4.3 /5 View 19+ photos

433 kms from Bhopal

Now known as the Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur National Park is a famous avifauna sanctuary and a bird watching paradise listed among UNESCO's World Heritage sites. The 29 km reserve is locally known as Ghana and is a mosaic of dry grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps, and wetlands. These dive...

44. Bhangarh Fort

4.2 /5 View 5+ photos

441 kms from Bhopal

Famous for the historical ruins and the ghost stories, Bhangarh has been regarded as the most haunted place in the country. It is located on the way between Jaipur and Delhi.

45. Sariska National Park

4.2 /5 View 6+ photos

463 kms from Bhopal

Nestled in the Aravali Hills over an area of about 800 sq. Km covering the grasslands, dry deciduous forests, cliffs and rocky landscape, lays the Sariska National Park, now known as The Sariska Tiger Reserve. This area was once hunting preservation of The Maharaja of Alwar. The Reserve is known for...

46. Galtaji Temple

3.9 /5 View 7+ photos

436 kms from Bhopal

Located on the outskirts of the regal city of Jaipur, Galtaji Temple is a prehistoric Hindu pilgrimage site. Outlined by the striking Aravalli hills, it consists of several shrines, holy kunds, pavilions and natural springs. This majestic temple is situated at the heart of a hilly terrain ...

47. Chand Baori

3.9 /5 View 9+ photos

253 kms from Bhopal

Chand Baori is a major tourist attraction site in Abhaneri village that belongs to 10th-century monuments that showcase Rajasthani architectural expertise and talents. It is a humongous step well with flights of steps on the three sides that lead to the water reserve. The step well is more than 13 s...

48. Chanderi

178 kms from Bhopal

Surrounded by hills, forests and lakes, Chanderi boasts of a scenic beauty which should be experienced by travellers. The fact that the city is all about its beautiful weaves and rich cultural heritage, tourists from across the globe are drawn to Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh throughout the year.

49. Jhalawar, Rajasthan

2.5 /5 View 6+ photos

260 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 38 ° C

Known For : Jhalara Patan Bhimsagar Dam Jhalawar Fort

A place laden with historic forts and beautiful palaces, Jhalawar takes on back in time to an era of glory.

Best Time: October to March

50. Bateshwar Temples

3.6 /5 View 9+ photos

424 kms from Bhopal

With a backstory that is ironic to the infinite calm that they offer, Bateshwar Temples is situated in the ghats of Chambal. It is believed that some of the most infamous and sought after dacoits of the Chambal Region had made it their hiding place. The complex was in a shoddy shape until the Archae...

51. Kesroli

3.5 /5 View 8+ photos

482 kms from Bhopal

The Hill Fort Kesroli is one of the rare heritage hotels in Alwar that has been in existence since the 14th century. A wonderful destination to enjoy the barrier sunsets, showing daily since 700 years and discovering the Neemrana heritage hotels in Alwar is this resort. Hill Fort-Kesroli is a great ...

52. Ahivantgad

3.5 /5

415 kms from Bhopal

Ahivantgad is a fort in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. Ahivantgad and Achala are twin forts. The top of the fort resembles more a wide plateau than the peak of a hill.

53. Bhivgad Trek

3.5 /5

322 kms from Bhopal

Bhivgad (or Bhimgad) is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Located in the district of Raigad, this fort offers a nice trek in close companionship to the fort of Dhakbahiri. There are two caves and a few water cisterns at the top. During monsoon, this fort offers offers the scenic view of a seasonal waterfa...

54. Dhodap Trek

3.5 /5

474 kms from Bhopal

Dhodap is a hill fort in Maharashtra. One of the many forts in the district of Nasik, the fort is situated at an elevation of about 4700 feet from the ground. There is a temple of Jagdamba in the fort, along with an idol of Hanuman at the op of one of the tanks.

55. Mulher Trek

3.5 /5

443 kms from Bhopal

Mulher, also known as Mayurgad, is a hill fort in Maharashtra. One of the many forts in Nasik, it is at an elevation of 4200 feet from the ground.

56. Salher Trek

3.5 /5

455 kms from Bhopal

The highest fort in the Sahyadri, Salher is a lesser known but extremely gorgeous trekking destination that should be a must on your bucket list.

57. Kota, Rajasthan

2.9 /5 View 29+ photos

345 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 19 - 37 ° C

Known For : Seven Wonders Park Kishore Sagar and Jagmandir Palace Garadia Mahadev

It is one of the most dynamic and picturesque cities in the state of Rajasthan, and an inviting tourist destination on the banks of Chambal river.

Best Time: October to March

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58. Chhindwara

2.0 /5

206 kms from Bhopal

Nestled in the heart of the mighty Satpura range of hills, Chhidwara is the largest district of Madhya Pradesh. Filled with Chhind or white date palm trees, Chhindwara city has thick plantation surrounding the region along with different tribal communities like Gond, Pradhan Korku and others.

59. Panna, Madhya Pradesh

2.8 /5 View 19+ photos

398 kms from Bhopal Current Weather: 20 - 36 ° C

Known For : Pandava Falls and Caves Diamond Mines Panna National Park

Along with historical significance, Panna is also most notably known for the Panna National Park. To add to that, this beautiful city also boasts of being the only city with diamond reserves.

Best Time: November to May

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