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Hatyari Khoh, Indore Overview

You might be thinking why would someone want to visit a place to relax with such a lurid name. But Hatyari Khoh is anything but uncanny. Rather it is the most beautiful place you can visit to getaway from the hustle bustle of the city. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh,, Hatyari Khoh with fascinating horror stories, lush green trees, mesmerizing waterfalls and majestic hillocks, Hatyari Khoh is a must visit place to be in the lap of nature. This place is still untouched by industrialization which makes it even more beautiful. This is an amazing place to break free from the monotony of your stressful life and devote some time gazing at the enchanting waterfall and verdant trees. After this trip you will definitely feel closer to nature and start appreciating its beauty.

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Best Time To Visit Hatyari Khoh

By Air: The closest airport to reach Hatyari Khoh is the Indore Airport which is well connected with all the major cities in India. It is situated at a distance of 31 km away from Hatyari Khoh which can easily covered by renting a car.
By Rail: The closest railway station to reach Hatyari Khoh is the Indore Railway station which is located at a distance of 31 km. From the railway station many rental cars are easily available that will take you to your desired destination.
By Road: The distance between Indore and Hatyari Khoh is 31 km which can easily be covered by either renting a car or by taking your own car on a short road trip. The lush green trees and tiny waterfalls that cover the space will make the road trip even more interesting.

Tips For Visiting Hatyari Khoh

  1. Carry ample eatables and water bottles with you as there are no eateries near Hatyari Khoh.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and carry umbrella with you as the chances of rainfalls are high here.

Places to See 

1. Soya Bean and Corn Farms

Being a fertile ground, Hatyari Khoh is home to large number of endless green fields of soya bean and corn. These lush green farms are quite a sight to see. These farms are a must visit to explore and learn about the cultivation of soya bean and corn and see the process by which it is produced. The green fields are also a great place to relax, spend some quiet time and feel close to nature.

2. Rock Refinery Plant

Hatyari Khoh being a place where a large number of vivid and precious stones are found makes exploring the Rock plants a must. The rock refinery plant will be an exciting place to visit and look around. A visit to this place will expand your knowledge about how the rocks are refined to make them precious. This tour will definitely be fun and something new to indulge in.

3. Waterfall

A waterfall of a majestic height of 600 meters is a must see in Hatyari Khoh. The waterfall is bubbling with water throughout the year and enhances picturesque? beauty of the whole place. Due to the water falling from such a great height, a mystical fog like effect is generated which makes the waterfall look even more magical. The amazing pool that is formed at the bottom of the waterfall is perfect to take a plunge into.

4. Hills

Hatyari Khoh is surrounded by a large number of variegated hills that makes the place look even more serene. These hills are not very high but nonetheless provide picturesque views from the top. The hills are easy to trek on and the best place to get a bird's eye view of the whole place. If possible, try to witness either a sunset or a sunrise from here and you will surely be mesmerized by the beauty that this place can turn into. The hills are full of blooming trees and flowers that will beckon you to come close and be enchanted by its beauty.

Things to Do

1. Trekking

The various hills are the best place to trek on and pump up your adrenaline level. These hills are not very difficult to trek on and are also filled with verdant trees and blooming flowers. The trek will provide you with some fresh air to your lungs and your lungs would finally heave a sigh of relief to breathe in fresh air. Trekking to the hilltop will provide you with mesmerizing panoramic views of the whole space as a reward. Make sure to trek on at least one of the hills and add a little thrill to your trip.

2. Swimming

The pond that forms at the bottom of the waterfall is a perfect place to take a plunge into. The cool water off the phone will not only rejuvenate your body but also make you feel fresh. You can even stand under the waterfall and feel the water falling on you with the right amount of pressure that will make your tightened muscles relax.

3. Picnic

You can even have a legit picnic with the beauties of nature as a backdrop. This beautiful place is perfect to have scrumptious food while either sitting beside the waterfall ?with your feet dangling in the water or under the shade of huge green tree. The quiet time spent that you will spend will provide tranquility and serenity to your soul. So, carry delicious food and munchings with you and enjoy them in the lap of nature.

Hatyari Khoh is a wonderful place to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy some magical moments with nature. This place with all its captivating stories and enchanting scenic beauty is a perfect place to unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Flora and Fauna

Hatyari Khoh is home to a large and diverse variety of flora and fauna. This dense green trees are home to a plethora of colourful birds that can be spotted either fluttering their wings or chirping perched on the bark of the tree. These birds are a treat to watch. A lot of flora can also be spotted in the wilderness of Hatyari Khoh. The dense green trees hold a lot of secrets. Cactus and ferns are some plants that grow in abundance here. Trees of all shapes and sizes can be found in Hatyari Khoh. Small creatures like worms, snails and crabs are common to spot around taking a stroll in this place.


Hatyari Khoh translates to ?Killer Gorge? in English. You might be wondering why such a beautiful and serene place has such a gruesome name, well there are a number of myths behind this unique name. One tale has it that Hatyari Khoh was a place where a monarch held people as prisoners during the war. The prisoners were captured in the valley and even buried alive. Another myth has it that Hatyari Khoh was used as a secret passage way during war. This tunnel aided a number of Indore Kings to attack other districts. Another famous myth believes that at night pigs fell into the valley. They survived the harsh fall but would remained trapped deep down the valley. They would scream all night for help and their shrieks echoed throughout the place scaring children and people.

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