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Chand Baori, Jaipur Overview

Chand Baori is a major tourist attraction site in Abhaneri village that belongs to 10th-century monuments that showcase Rajasthani architectural expertise and talents. It is a humongous step well with flights of steps on the three sides that lead to the water reserve. The step well is more than 13 storeys deep and is adorned with more than 3500 steps. In spite of it being more 1000 years old, the stepwell has remained in a remarkable condition.

Chand Baori is an architectural marvel with thousands of symmetrical steps functioning as a water reservoir in the semi-arid region of Rajasthan. Maintained by the Archeological Survey of India, this beautiful architecture is no longer in use but it still boasts of the amazing mathematical precision and the ancient Indian sculptural style of the bygone eras. This deepest step well of the world attracts many travel junkies from all around for its magnificence that leaves you fascinated for its historical belief and architecture.

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History of Chand Baori

Built during the 8th and the 9th century by King Chand from whom it derives its name, the step well was dedicated to Harshat Mata, the goddess of joy and Happiness.

About 1000 years old, this well was built so that the local people could have easy access to clean groundwater all year round. It served the purpose of being the dependable water source for many surrounding regions for many years before any water providing channels were introduced. One can also point out that the large mouth of the well would have functioned for rainwater harvesting.

Plus, this gorgeous structure is said to be a gathering place for the Abhaneri locals wherein they would sit around the well and cool off in the lower part of the step well during the summer days as the lower section was usually 7-8 degrees cooler.

Apart from these general usages, it is also believed to have certain religious connotations. According to Hindu Mythology, water forms the boundary between heaven and earth. Thus, it also became a place for meditations, prayers, and religious bathing that one must follow before visiting the nearby Harshat Mata temple.

However, that is not the complete picture. Many locals believe the Baori to be haunted. According to the locals, the Baori was built in one night which is practically impossible. Hence, it was believed that this superhuman task was given to a Djinn popularly known as a Genie giving it a supernatural twist. This belief came to start with many pointing that they have not used the same staircase twice. They climbed up from different steps of stairs from which they stepped down. Whether the location is haunted or not is debatable but there have been many witnesses that claim its haunted beliefs.

Architecture of Chand Baori

In the extremely arid and dry region of Rajasthan, this step well served as a water conserver. But the step well along with its surrounding is known for its marvelous architecture expertise of the Indian architects. This 13 story, 3500 narrow stepped well displays the geometrical precision of those architects of bygone days.

About 100 feet deep, the step well has a square construction measuring 35 meters on each side. The double flight of steps on the three sides of the narrowing well along with the play of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing picture attracting tourists from all over the world to witness this fascinating masterpiece. While the fourth side boasts of a pavilion with beautifully carved balconies, pillars and jharokhas made for the Royals. Many of these carvings are religious with figures gods and goddesses thus pointing towards its religious tones.

It is believed that the lower part of the steps was built in the 8th-9th century while the upper part was completed in the 18th century during the Mughal era. Now, this exquisite location is full of gorgeous galleries. One can also find a resting room for royal kings and queen along with a stage that is said to be used for performing arts.

How to Reach

Located 95 km away from the popular town of Jaipur, Abhaneri is easy to reach but not Chand Baori. Chand Baori is in fact not easy to find. The best way to reach Abhaneri is by taking a car from Delhi or Jaipur as they have the nearest airports to the location. You can even opt for buses or trains that go to Abhaneri.

The oldest and one of the most attractive landmarks of Rajasthan, Chand Baori has been a popular location for many movies including Bhool Bhulaiyya, The Fall, The Dark Knight Rises, and Best Exotic Hotel Marigold. Therefore, this impressive structure stays in your mind for a long long time.

How to reach Chand Baori

  • Air: Delhië_andë_Jaipurë_provide convenient access to Abhaneri. They are the nearest airports. From there you can take a bus or cab to Abhaneri.

  • Rail: Jaipurë_offers the most expedient railway access to Abhaneri. It is the nearest railhead.

  • Road: Abhaneri lies off NH-11 connectingë_Agraë_toë_Jaipur. You can drive to Abhaberi from these places or you could come by bus too. Buses are available to get to Abhaneri.

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