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Janapav, Indore Overview

Nestled among similar hills of the Malwa region, Janapav or Janapav Kuti is the ideal getaway for lovers of nature and trekkers alike. If you’re looking to traverse through twisty bends in Central Indian forests while peacefully gazing over distant hills and the crimson sunset, this hill station should be your destination. Located on the Mumbai-Indore highway and in the Mhow Tehsil of Indore district, Janapav experiences footfall from all areas of the country throughout the year, especially during monsoons.

Situated as it is at a height of 881 m, 45 km away from the city of Indore, and surrounded by forest cover, Janapav is a pocket of nature whose air will not only cleanse your lungs but also leave you spiritually soothed. Indeed the flora of this region is known for its unique Ayurvedic potencies and is accordingly harvested by expert Ayurveda practitioners. The place is also famous for the fair a that is held there every year on Kartik Purnima which is the first full moon after Diwali.

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Best Time To Visit Janapav

The best time to visit Janapav Kuti would be during the Monsoon season. In this manner, not only do you get to enjoy the greener, more lush view offered created because of the rains but also manage to evade the sweltering summer heat. Alternatively, you could visit after the auspicious festival of Diwali -- on Kartik Purnima, the first full moon night after Diwali, locals organise a majestic and colourful annual fair that marks a celebration of their rich heritage.

Tips For Visiting Janapav

1. You're visiting a hill station, so it's advisable to dress in suitably warm clothes yet comfortable clothes. It's also important to choose sturdy footwear if you're trekking.
2. If you're going for forest exploration, then you should stay close to your family or group of friends.
3. You should also consider carrying and applying some mosquito repellant in case you're choosing to explore the forests.
4. If you spot wild animals in the forests, then don't perturb them or go too near to them.
5. Make sure to pack umbrellas and raincoats to protect yourself against the rain in case you're travelling in the monsoon.
6. There's not as many places to eat, so it's ideal to carry your own snacks.
7. Be prepared to run short of payment options and therefore carry adequate cash.
8. Carry a pair of binoculars to best get a glimpse of the varied fauna in Janapav.

How To Reach Janapav

Via Air: The nearest airport to Janapav is the Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Upon reaching the Indore airport, the most preferred option for travelling to Janapav is by hiring a private vehicle or simply taking a cab.
Via Road: At a distance of 45 km, Janapav is a mere hour long drive away from Indore. In order to reach Janapav via road, you can take either of the following two routes: through Manpur Road or through Yashwant Nagar Road. In order to finish your journey, you should either hire a private car or a taxi.

Things to Do

Janapav Kuti is not lacking in activities that you can engage in during your trip:

1. Sightseeing

Packed to the brim with natural attractions and scenic beauty, Janapav Kuti is not lacking in places where you’d want to simply enjoy the view. So carry a pair of binoculars, and get a chance to enjoy one of the natural marvels of Central India. Navigation here is best done on feet, so be sure to travel light! You’d witness countless fascinating species of animals and plants.

2. Picnic

You can obtain much enjoyment and even spiritual fulfillment from unrolling then sitting on a picnic mat at a cozy spot amongst the trees, or at the hilltop while indulging in a snack of your choice and gazing at far off plateaus. So don’t forget to carry some food and drinks to double your joy. It also makes for a great bonding opportunity with your friends!

3. Forest Exploration

The Malwa region is renowned for its dense evergreen forest cover. If you’re a nature enthusiast that also loves wildlife photography, then you shouldn’t miss out on the experience of roaming around in the forests near Janapav Kuti. Countless exotic species ranging from the blackbuck to such birds as white cap bunting, Indian stork, brown fish owl, etc. inhabit these forests. Exploring these patches of green is truly an enriching experience.

4. Trekking

Given its altitude and the tricky bends that pass through mountain, eventually leading upto the peak, there’s abundant scope to trek in Janapav. These paths overlook some of the most gorgeous natural sites in Central India that are bound to reinvigorate your spirits!

Places to See

Janapav offers countless sites where you’d be left mesmerised either by the scenic beauty or the environment of calm and celebration:

1. Janapav Hill

Janapav Hill is the spot that this town is primarily known for. Surrounded by dense forest cover at an altitude of 881 m, this mountain is the second highest vantage point in the Malwa Region and easily counts as amongst its most scenic as well. Climbing atop this mountain and breathing this fresh air high up fills you with so much serenity that you’d definitely consider re-visiting. Distant rivers, jungles, and the sunset are amongst the gorgeous sites you can expect to see and click memorable pictures of! Moreover, the mountaintop is also recognised for possessing especially potent flora that has uses in Ayurvedic medicine.

Janapav Hill

2. Jamadagni Ashram

At the top of Janapav Hill, there perches the ancient Jamadagni Ashram. As per myth, this site of piety was established by the father of the Hindu god Lord Parshuram. Additionally, Parshuram’s mother Renuka is said to have planted medicinal herbs all over the region. Upon visiting this serene spot, you can not only find a much needed respite from the weariness of trek or travel but also attain spiritual fulfillment. Indeed, it’s a place welcoming of devotees and non-religious people alike.

3. Kartik Purnima Fair

Every year on the eve of the first full moon after Diwali, the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima is celebrated all over Janapav. In honour of these celebrations, a dazzling fair is organised on the same eve. If you’re visiting Janapav around the time of Kartik Purnima, then make sure to not miss out on this unique opportunity to experience a hearty local celebration.

Food and Accomodation

Most tourists visit Janapav from Indore for a day’s worth of picnic, so accordingly there are not as many places of accomodation. For those wishing to stay near Janapav rather than opting for Indore can nevertheless opt for private lodges. Among the cuisine options available in these lodges are North Indian, continental, and an array of local snacks.

With its perfect blend of scenic beauty and deep-seating air of myth and religion, Janapav Kuti is a marvel of a place that is sure to leave you spellbound.

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