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Patalpani Waterfalls, Indore Overview

The Patalpani Waterfall is located in the Mhow Tehsil of Indore district and is a popular picnic spot for the locals of the area. Surrounded by dense forest covers and majestic hills Patalpani plummets from a height of 300 metres. The monsoons swell the falls and may make it risky for close encounters causing accidents. It is best to maintain a cautious distance from the waterfall during the rain.

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Best Time To Visit Patalpani Waterfalls

The best time to visit the Patalpani Waterfall is during the monsoon season from June to October

How To Reach Patalpani Waterfalls

The nearest airport is the Indore Airport, 40 kilometres from the fall. And although there is a Patalpani station, it is connected by a narrow and hence it is not well connected other major cities. The nearest major railway station is Indore railway station 35 kilometres away. There are regular taxis plying from Indore to Patalpani, you could also drive your private vehicle up to the falls. There are also daily buses to Mhow which is 6 kilometres away from Patalpani, you can take a taxi from Mhow up to the falls.

Where To Go

1. Choral Dam

Choram Dam is about 19 kilometres from Patalpani falls and is a great monsoon destination. The dam also has boating facilities available for all visitors with an option to choose between speed boats and paddle boats. The place isn't crowded to the brim and one can always enjoy some quiet time with great views and green pastures as your as your eyes can see.

Choral River

2. Tincha Waterfalls

Tincha falls in the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh are just over 30 kilometres away from Patalpani falls, the falls take its name from the nearby Tincha village. The falls flow through a narrow canyon and then fall of the cliff at a plunge height of over 300 feet and are surrounded by deep green valleys. It is quite a popular monsoon destination within the locals and is perfect for a short day picnic amidst the picturesque backdrop of green landscapes, majestic hills and valleys. There is also a small pond near by where the visitors can take a dip in the water or go for a swim.

Tincha Waterfalls

3. Pipliyapala Regional Park

Located at A B Road near Choithram Hospital crossing, Pipliyapala Regional Park is a gorgeous park with a plethora of offerings for people of all ages. The park has a huge lake that flows along its length and a canal that runs the entire course of the pond from one end to the other. The park is spread across a sprawling 80 acres, out of which the lake amasses an area of 42 acres and the remaining 38 acres are occupied by the land facilities. The Pipliyapala Regional Park is also known as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park amongst the locals, named after the former Prime Minister of India.

Things to Do in the Park

  • The park has boating facilities available in the lake and there are different types of boats available like paddle boats, speed boats and even small cruisers for you to choose from to your liking.
  • There park also has a life size maze for you to solve, it is a big hit among the kids.
  • The park compound includes an amphitheatre that is used for conducting cultural events and programmes.
  • Then there's the Artist's Village, French Gardens and the Necklace Garden for you just want to take a leisurely stroll along the park and enjoy the manicured pastures.
  • Alternatively you could just sit by the lake point view and enjoy the quiet and peaceful view and witness a beautiful sunset.
  • The park also has a variety of fountains like the mist fountain, jumping jet fountain and a musical fountain adorned with lights that looks just spectacular at night, you should definitely stop by the fountains if you visit the park in the evening.
  • The park also houses the Malwa Queen cruiser which is a restaurant on the lake, the cruiser has two decks and can accommodate close to 80 people and is currently the only mini cruiser restaurant in town.
Timings: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Cost: Adults - INR 25, Kids - INR 10

4. Annapurna Temple

The temple is approximately 30 kilometres away from the Patalpani falls through the Khargone-Indore Highway. The temple is devoted to Goddess Annapurna, goddess of food. The temple also has shrines of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Lord Kalabhairava within its premises along with a Pravachan Hall where spiritual leaders engage in enlightening conversations with the devotees. The Annapurna Temple is said to have a striking resemblance to the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai in terms of its architecture and structural intricacies. There are four life size elephant sculptures that adorn the temple entrance gates greeting visitors with its rustic charm.

5. Lal Bagh Palace

The Lal Bagh Palace built during the Holkar era is just along the banks of the river Khan approximately 30 kilometres from Patalpani falls through the Khargone-Indore Highway. It provides a glimpse into the glorious past of the Holkar dynasty and is an architectural marvel with its European and Mughal influences. The palace was used for holding deliberations with royal dignitaries and royal functions. The gates of the palace are said to be a replica of the gates from the Buckingham Palace. The marble columns, stained glass furniture, ornate chandeliers and well-crafted antiques only reflect the rich history of the glory days of the Holkar clan. It is a must visit for all history fanatics, it allows you to take a glance at the royal heritage and culture of the monarchy.

Lalbagh Palace

6. Kamla Nehru Park

Kamla Nehru Park in Navlakha, Indore is about 32 kilometres away from Patalpani waterfalls via National Highway 47. It is the largest zoological park in the state spread over an area of 51 acres, it is also one of the oldest zoos in state built in 1974. The zoological garden is home to over 47 species of animals with some of the most popular ones being the Leopards, White Tiger, Royal Bengal Tigers, Bears. The entire zoo has been engulfed in a variety of trees and plants to give the animals a sense of their natural habitat. 

Timings: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Closed on Monday
Ticket: INR 10

7. Central Museum

The Central Museum in Indore is located near the General Post Office of Indore around 33 kilometres away from Patalpani Waterfall. The museum goes back to the times of the Holkar dynasty when they were forced to surrender to the British, the museum also has an array of armouries. coins, scriptures and artefacts that belonged to the Holkar clan. All the exhibits on display in the museum range from the prehistoric times to the modern era. This is the perfect place for you to experience all the profound history of Madhya Pradesh.

8. Bada Ganapati

Bada Ganapati is a temple devoted to the elephant god Ganesh, 32 kilometres away from the Patalpani falls. The temple draws its name from the largesse Ganesh idol in the temple that sits tall at a height of 25 feet. The temple's most prominent feature is the enormity of the Ganesh idol and was constructed under the reign of the Holkar dynasty. It is frequented by devotees throughout the year, who come to seek blessings and prosperity from the deity.

9. Krishnapura Chattris

The Krishnapura Chattris is a historical monument built by the Maratha rulers in the late 1800s 33 kilometres away from the Patalpani falls. The tombs are built near the cremation spots of Holkar rulers near Rajwada. The monument is an exemplary example of Maratha architecture and culture that reflects in the tomb's detailed carved inscriptions of Gods and Goddesses. The Chattris consists of three Chattris with the one on the left dedicated to Maharani Krishnabai Holkar and the other two Chattris are joined by a passage and dedicated to Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar II and his son Shivaji Rao Holkar. The Chattris also has a temple devoted to Lord Krishna that was built for the queen. The tomb is located along the banks of river Khan and provides the perfect peaceful backdrop to the monument.

Krishnapura Chhatris

10. Rajwada Palace

Rajwada Palace was the ancestral palace of the Holkar dynasty, natives to the state of Madhya Pradesh, it is about 32.5 kilometres away from the falls. The palace is over 200 years old and has still stood tall against the face of time. The palace has seven storeys with lower three storeys made out of stone and the upper storeys are wooden. The place is a gateway to the grandiose heritage and culture of the Holkar lineage. The place is surrounded b y gardens and also houses a fountain and an artificial waterfall on the palace premises. Come here and take a glance into the regal residence of the past rulers.

Rajwada Palace

11. Sukh Niwas Palace

Another palace belonging to the Holkar dynasty and a true testament of the Maratha architectural excellency. The place that once served as a summer abode to members of the royal family now stays open for the general public to take a peek into the lifestyles of the Holkar kings and queens. The architecture of the palace displays a confluence of both Indian and Western architecture and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Indore.

Patalpani Waterfall is the perfect monsoon destination, the falls are fierce during this time of the year and will leave you spell bound with its sheer enormity and vigour. Surrounded by deep hills valleys the falls look straight out of a postcard, the falls are a must visit for all nature lovers.


Local legend says that the pit underneath the Patalpani Waterfall goes down deep into the underworld, the falls derive their name from the same myth with Patal translating to underworld and Pani being the Hindi word for water.

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