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Lying along the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, the district of Hoshangabad is a charming tourist destination which is blessed with a mix of natural sightseeing and historical monuments. It has been named after Hoshang Shah, the first ruler of the Malwa Region. Some of the attractions include a number of picture-perfect attractions such as the prehistoric Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Pachmarhi - a cool hill station, and the refreshing Adamgarh Hills.

In addition to being a beautiful location in itself, Hoshangabad is a gateway to a number of other popular destinations as well. A notable fact about Hoshangabad is that it trades in some exquisite pieces of handicraft, silk, leather and pulses, which make it's shopper's delight. 

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History of Hoshangabad

The city was earlier known as Narmadapuram after the river Narmada. It was later changed to Hoshangabad after its ruler, Hoshang Shah. It used to be a part of Nerbudda (Narmada) Division of the Central Provinces and Berar. Post Independence, it became a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Major Attractions in and around Hoshangabad

Undoubtedly, Hoshangabad has no dearth of attractions and places to visit. Some of these include:-

1. Panchmarhi: Also known as the 'Queen of Satpura', Panchmarhi is a serene emerald hill station that is quite popular among the tourist community. Situated at a whopping height of 1100 metres, this destination is a natural beauty which is believed to have been visited by the Pandavas during their exile. Embellished with lush greenery, serene atmosphere and virgin charms and the enigma of ancient Buddhist caves, Panchmarhi is the perfect weekend getaway in the lap of nature. 
2. Sethani Ghat: Sethani ghat is an ancient ghat built on the Narmada River and is one of the largest establishments of its kind in Hoshangabad. It derives its name from Jankibai Sethani, who was the major force behind the construction of this embankment. Many important temples and shrines are located near the ghat and are frequented by devotees regularly. The Satsang Bhavan on the ghat has regular visits from Hindu saints who hold regular discourses on Ramcharitmanas and Geeta.
3. Bandarbhan: Bandhrabha is the confluence of the Narmada and Tawa rivers, and is hence an important religious landmark. The eve of Karthik Poornima calls for festive celebrations here every year, which is commemorated with the organisation of a fair. 
4. Salkanpur: Located at a distance of 35 kilometres from the main city is Salkanpur, which is famous for its Durga Temple. It is a sacred shrine of Vindhyavasni Beejasan Devi (one of the incarnations of the Hindu goddess Durga) with more than 1000 steps. Since it is a revered shrine, it is quite accessible from the city and is thronged by devotees from all over the state. 
5. Hushang Shah Fort: One of the most historically significant places in Hoshangabad is the Hoshang Shah Fort, which is a splendid edifice built out of white stone. The Hoshangabbad Fort was built by the Malwa ruler Hoshang Shah and is a marvellous example of Islamic architecture. Lying along the scintillating waters of river Narmada, the edifice stands tall and proud in the midst of a green garden and is a must visit for history lovers. 
6. Satpura Tiger Reserve: Satpur Tiger Reserve in Hoshangabad is a safe house for a number of animals, the most prominent of them being Spotted Dear, Indian Bison(Gaur), Tigers, Leopards, Wild boar, Wild dog (locally called Dholes), Sloth bear, Black buck (unique attraction), Porcupine, Sambhar, four Horned antelopes (Chowsingha), Smooth otter, Pangolin, Marsh crocodile and the most important of them all, the Tiger. You can book tours or have a stay over in the midst of the park as well. Satpura Tiger Reserve is a unique way of exploring the flora and fauna of Madhya Pradesh. 
7. Adamgarh Hills: History lovers, rejoice! Adamgarh Hils in Hoshangabad is an important archaeological site where pre-historic rock shelters and rock paintings have been excavated. Stone age artefacts, lower palaeolithic and Mesolithic implements can be seen here as well. Rock paintings in the niches of the hill give an insight into the life of our ancestors.
8. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters: Probably one of the most famous attractions near Hoshangabad and in Madhya Pradesh, the Bhimbetka rock shelters are just about an hours drive away from Hoshangabad. Here you can trace the very beginning of human civilization as you witness the genius in the rock paitings inside the caves.

Best Time To Visit Hoshangabad

The best time to visit Hoshangabad is from October to March since the weather is quite pleasant here during this time. 

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