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Tincha Falls, Indore Overview

Located 25 kilometres from the bustling city of Indore, Tincha Falls are one of the most popular waterfalls in the region. The milky white cascade is located in the Tincha village, also where the falls derive their name from. The roaring plunge of water at a height of 300 feet is a rain fed waterfall and is primarily a monsoon destination. Surrounded by lush green vegetation on all sides and an exhilarating experience in itself,Tincha falls attracts a wide array of visitors from all walks of life. The falls are also a canyon, nuzzled in between valleys Tincha is an ideal picnic destination and monsoon break away from the chaos that ensues in the cities. The falls also have a small pond near the foot of the falls, the stillness of the pond against the roaring descent of water is a sight you must definitely not miss.

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Best Time To Visit Tincha Falls

Tincha is a rain fed waterfalls,the primary source of the water stream is the rain water. Hence, the most favourable time to visit the falls would be in the months from July to October.

Places to Visit

1. Shell City Water Park

The water park is spread over a sprawling area of 22 acres is 16 kilometres away from Tincha falls and was the first water park constructed in the year 1990. The park has always been a crowd favourite and  has a wide variety of pools and water slides. In addition to water slides, the park also has an arcade zone, card room, toy train and a ferris wheel. The park also has a restaurant and bar that serves Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisine and light snacks too, visitors can also choose to eat by the poolside. The water park has an icecream parlour and a juice centre as well, and there are provisions for sports like volleyball, tennis, badminton and more. The recreational park is quite popular within the locals and great for a one day break.

2. White Church

White Church is a venerable church built in the year 1858, 25 kilometres away from Tincha falls. The church was built with european architectural influences by the British in the colonial era and was originally named St. Ann’s Church, but later got popularised as the White Church because of the church’s all white appearance. The church instills a feeling of solace in everyone who visits to seek blessings from Lord Jesus.

The church has a huge procession and afternoon mass during foundation day every year that takes place on 9th August and marks the church’s anniversary. Christmas at the church is truly a delight, the church is decked up in tinkering lights and decorations and the whole ambience is very festive and celebratory.

3. Khajrana Ganesh Mandir

It is an ancient temple devoted to Lord Ganesh and is 25 kilometres from Tincha falls. The temple was established by Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar of the Holkar dynasty in the year 1735, it is believed that a local sage dreamt about a Ganesh idol buried in the ground and on hearing about the sage’s dream Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar had the idol excavated from the said location and established a shrine for Lord Ganesh that later came to be known as Khajrana Ganesh Mandir. At present there is a well constructed at the spot where the idol was found and the gates and walls of the sanctum sanctorum are adorned with silver, also; the deity’s eyes are embedded with diamonds. The deity is said to be very strong and mighty, the locals believe that the deity answers to all the devotees prayers and  wishes.

4. Maa Vaishno Dham

It is a temple devoted to Vaishno Devi approximately 20 kilometres away from Tincha falls. The temple is a smaller replica of the famous Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu, the shrine is established in a artificially created cavern. Devotees have to make their way through the cave to the shrine where the idol of the goddess stands. The temple is tucked into a small bylane of Indore and constructed into a bungalow and you can get in touch with your spirituality and seek blessings from the goddess.

5. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife conservation park established in 1905 by the Holkar clan of Indore, the sanctuary is roughly 12 kilometres from Tincha falls. Submerged in a wide variety of indigenous fauna and exhilarating trekking trails, Ralamandal is a true haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary also has an impressive variety of wildlife, some of the most popular ones include Leopards, Black Bucks, Elephants, Barking Deer, Sambhar and many others. There was a tiger spotted in the sanctuary premises once, however no one has encountered the tiger in recent times. The Holkars established a hunting hut in the sanctuary in 1905, the hut has now been converted into an information centre for tourists,

Activities and Attractions in the Sanctuary

  • The park houses a deer park which has several breeds of deers like the barking deer and spotted deer.
  • The park also has a provision for rental cars that you can use to traverse the whole site and see the wide variety of birds and wildlife. You can also explore the various species of trees cover the forest grounds.
  • A walk along the trekking trails laid out across the sanctuary is a great way to experience wilderness first hand. You can spot the umpteen variety of birds and creatures that are inhabitants to the park. The view from the top at the end of the trek is reason enough to make the effort, also the fresh breeze and photo backdrops all add to the appeal of the trek.
  • The park also provides camel rides to the visitors, it is a great way to see the park and explore the premise.

6. Kanch Mandir

Kanch Mandir is a Jain pilgrimage centre, 25 kilometres from Tincha Falls. The temple was built by Seth Hukumchand Jain, the exterior of the temple is made to resemble an extravagant mansion in appearance. The interior of the temple is entirely made of glass tiles and mosaics, the glass work is plastered across all surfaces including walls, ceilings and floors. The workmen were specially called in from Jaipur and Iran to construct the exquisite temple. The sanctum sanctorum has idols of Tirthankaras with glass work on its adjacent sides, made in a way so that the mirror images of the idols are seen infinite times.

Kanch Mandir

Jain festivals like Sugandha Dashami and Kshamavani are celebrated with great gusto at the temple, the temple is decorated with colourful rangolis and a huge congregation of devotees come here to take part in the celebrations. There is also a rath yatra every year along with a procession that all the devotees participate in.

7. Gomatgiri Temple

Gomatgiri Temple is a jain place of worship close to the Indore airport, the temple is about 35 kilometres from Tincha falls. The temple is located atop a small hillock and overlooks the nearby airport, the temple has a gigantic Gomateshwar sculpture that stands tall at 21 feet, the idol is a relatively smaller replica of the Bahubali Gomateshwar idol at Shravanbelagola. The hillock also has 24 small marber temples that are a shrine for the 24 Tirthankaras of Jain religion. The temple has a serene ambience and wonderful sunrise and sunsets,

The temple serves the local delicacy Daal Baati on Sundays at the Bhojanalay, the hillock also has a small concession stand that serves snacks and tea.

Things to Do

Come July and Tincha falls come alive with gushing water and a sea of green that envelops all the surrounding hills and valleys attracting tourists from all across the city. It also makes for a great trekking spot and weekend getaway for adventure enthusiasts, make your way down from the head of the cliff through farmlands and rocky terrains and enjoy the unperturbed views. The view from the walking trail is great and you might also encounter a diverse range of indigenous bird species.

Although the trek looks exciting, exercise precaution because the trekking trail becomes treacherous during the monsoons. Avoid walking through the grass roads, they get slippery and don't cross the river streams during heavy rains.


There are several vendors near the falls that sell small eatables like roasted corns and vegetable fritters along with tea and coffee.

Tincha is a great weekend destination during the monsoon months, the falls are quite popular within the locals. The falls are a roaring plunge of white ribbon like streams and are truly a breathtaking sight, along with its panoramic views and great ambience.

How To Reach Tincha Falls

The nearest major city is Indore, the city is well connected to all parts of the country via rail and air as well. Tincha is 25 kilometres from Indore, it can be accessed by road via Khandwa Highway. Take a left turn after reaching Simrol village towards Simrol-Udainagar road. A short drive on the road will lead you to Tincha Village.

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We went here on Oct 25, 2021 with lots of expectations. We were totally shocked and disappointed. Apart from the waterfall being a trickle only, you can view it from a long distance vie (Read More)wing the Niagara. There is no life there. Access is difficult. If you want to see lots of monkeys, this is a good place.
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