Bamniya Kund, Indore Overview

Bamniya Kund is a captivating waterfall 50 kms from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Falling from a height of 300 feet, the waters gush down creating a colourful pool of clear blue waters, brown rocks and verdant green bushes. Nestled away in the depth of dense forests in the Malindi region near Indore, the waterfall is hidden away from the clearing.

You will have to reach the Nakheri Dam at the base of the hill and the cascading waters are still a considerably long trek away. The trekking trail however, is marked through the beautiful woods and the you can spot several birds, animals and exotic plants native to the region. The waterfalls are a delight to the naked eye and a must visit place if you are in the area.

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Best Time To Visit Bamniya Kund

This place remains ever green and magnificently worth visiting all round the year but it is best suitable to visit the Bamniya kund waterfalls from Feb-June and September-December. The rains can make the terrain extremely slippery and thus, unsafe and inconvenient to walk. Also there is an increase in mosquitoes and other insects during monsoons.

Tips For Visiting Bamniya Kund

1. Carry a heavy duty torch, odomos, drinking water, snacks/eatables.
2. Also, wearing comfortable clothes for the trek is a must.

Things to Do

The Bamniya kund waterfall makes for a perfect site for several activities like trekking, rappelling, flying fox, camping and great photography.

1. Trekking

Even when you are trekking to the waterfall site, there are some essentials that you need to carry. From the Choral dam, Bamniya kund is just 4 kms away. Once you reach the bamniya village, you will enjoy an on foot trek to the actual waterfall site. Bamniya kund lies at a distance of 1 km from the Mehndi kund and you can also trek from Mehndi kund site to Bamniya waterfalls. A clove field falls on the trek route. The trek route is a non-cemented one for about 1 km.

2. Flying Fox

This adventure activity has been enjoyed by many people at this site. For Flying fox you will have to make prior arrangements. It is indeed a pleasure to view the waterfalls from top while enjoying flying fox.

3. Camping

You can put up your tent at a little distance from the waterfall. There is no prior permission required for doing so. But camping here is at your own risk as there are no walls and fencing around the entire area. If you are visiting the Bamniya kund waterfall, in a large group of about more than 5 people, camping is feasible. Also you need to carry your own water bottles and snacks/eatables as there is nothing much available around the site. You can collect firewood from the site itself and enjoy a bonfire with friends. It is advisable to carry light woollens if camping at Bamniya kund is on your list, as it tends to get cold early in the morning here.

The Bamniya kund waterfall rests in the lap of nature and is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The water here is cool and the environment around is serene. There is dense forest cover, a beautiful village around, the sound of water cascade and what else does one need to plan a perfect weekend getaway.

How To Reach Bamniya Kund

It will take you less than an hour to reach Bamniya kund from Indore. Indore is well connected to several major cities of the country. Hence you can pretty easily reach Indore. It is preferable to hire or rent a car from Indore and enjoy the 40 minute ride to the Bamniya kund waterfall.

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