What is the best time to visit Wahiba Sands?

The Wahiba Sands weather is extremely hot and dry usually during the summers. So the best time to visit Wahiba Sands is during the months of October to march which is wintertime. The summer season begins mid-April and lasts until late September. The temperatures can normally reach up to 50 degrees. The deserts will be exceptionally hot and sweaty during this time period. Winter temperatures in Oman are pleasant. Precipitations are quite low during this time. Temperatures are normally at a level of 24 degrees during the day but the nights get pretty chilly. This would be the best time to go to the desert.

Weather in Wahiba Sands


Upcoming Wahiba Sands Weather

Monthly Weather in Wahiba Sands

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 16 26
February 17 27
March 21 32
April 25 37
May 28 39
June 29 40
July 28 38
August 26 36
September 26 36
October 23 35
November 20 30
December 17 26

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