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What is the best time to visit Nizwa?

The best time to visit Nizwa is anytime between September to March. March-May is the spring season in Oman, and the temperature range is from 43°C and 31°C with no rainfall. March is one of the busiest times in Oman and hence, you need to book your holiday beforehand if you are planning to visit Nizwa during March. The winter season of Nizwa is between October and March. During this time, temperatures vary between 24-26 degree Celcius. Sometimes it rains during the winter, but typically precipitation levels are low in Nizwa. June-August, the summer months are scorching and arid with temperatures touching 50-degree Celsius. Tourism is the slowest due to the uncomfortable weather conditions. Also, there’s no rainfall during this time in Oman. September-November is humid and windy, and hence, several travellers can be seen having a good time in Nizwa during the fall season. The daily temperature highs range between 41°C and 29°C. December and January are the busiest in Nizwa. The average temperature stays between 31°C and 25°C. Also, this is the busiest time in Oman so, you need to plan your itinerary to ignore last-minute price surge.

Weather in Nizwa


Upcoming Nizwa Weather

Monthly Weather in Nizwa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 24°/ 12° 3 days
February 28°/ 14° 0 days
March 29°/ 16° 4 days
April 36°/ 22° 0 days
May 39°/ 25° 3 days
June 44°/ 27° 0 days
July 41°/ 26° 7 days
August 41°/ 28° 4 days
September 40°/ 25° 3 days
October 35°/ 22° 7 days
November 29°/ 18° 3 days
December 26°/ 15° 1 days

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Nizwa, Oman
Streets in Nizwa during sunset
Nizwas enormous fort
Nizwa souk

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