What is the best time to visit Wadi Shab?

The best time to visit Wadi Shab is during the winter months of November to March as the hike to the wadi will be pleasant with cool breezes. During the winter, the water will be a bit colder than normal to swim in but still very very enjoyable! It is best to go to Wadi Shab during the week as it will be super crowded during the weekends with locals! If you want to enjoy the wadi in some peace and quiet, it is best to go during the early mornings! The first boat ride will start at 8:00 am.

Weather in Wadi Shab


Upcoming Wadi Shab Weather

Monthly Weather in Wadi Shab

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 16 25
February 18 26
March 21 30
April 26 36
May 31 41
June 30 40
July 30 39
August 28 37
September 28 37
October 25 35
November 21 30
December 17 25

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