What is the best time to visit Vijayawada?

Vijayawada is situated in Andhra Pradesh, and thus experiences a moderate climate, with mild winters. The best time for a visit to Vijayawada is in the winters, especially the months from October to March. The summers are unbearably hot, and the monsoons, although lovely and inviting, might dampen your plans if the rainfall is more than normal. Deccan festival lasting for five days in February and Lumbini festivals (December) are two attractive social gatherings here.

Weather in Vijayawada


Upcoming Vijayawada Weather

Monthly Weather in Vijayawada

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 19° 3 days
February 32°/ 19° 1 days
March 36°/ 21° 1 days
April 38°/ 24° 3 days
May 41°/ 27° 4 days
June 38°/ 27° 13 days
July 33°/ 25° 25 days
August 32°/ 24° 26 days
September 31°/ 24° 26 days
October 31°/ 23° 27 days
November 32°/ 21° 1 days
December 30°/ 20° 1 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Vijayawada

Vijayawada in Winter (October - February)

Beginning from October, the winter season is the most advisable time for a visit to  Vijayawada. The months from October - February is a nice time for a visit when the climate is pleasant and the ambiance lovely. This is also the peak season for travelers.   

Vijayawada in Monsoon (July - September)

Although the monsoon season receives moderate to heavy rainfall, this is not exactly the most advisable season for a visit, owing to torrential downpours.

Vijayawada in Summer (March - June)

This is the least advisable time for a visit to this destination, with the temperatures going as high as 43?C. The days are unbearably hot and humid if you're visiting in the months of May & June.  

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Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Kanaka Durga Temple - Located on Indrakeeladri Hill, it is one of the most famous Temple in South India
Bhavani Island - Largest Island Situated on Krishna River
Victoria Museum - Built in the Indo European Architectural Style

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