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Ideal duration: 1 day

Nearest Airport: Hyderabad Check Flights

Best Time: October - March Read More

Nagarjunsagar Tourism

Nagarjunasagar is a site of spectacular man-made marvel flanked by equally enchanting panoramic vistas of lush green surrounding. Lying in the Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh, the most popular landmark of the town is world's tallest masonry dam Nagarjunasagar dam built over Krishna River.

With the capacity of irrigating around 10 acres of land, this modern architectural grandeur is a sight to behold. Other than that, the town is also renowned for much the talked about the excavation of Buddhist Civilization. An island named as Nagarjuna Konda lying amidst the man-made lake is a site where the relics of such great significance are preserved. In fact, the town got its present name from a Buddhist saint and scholar Acharya Nagarjuna. The town of Nagarjunasagar or Vijayapuri as it was earlier known is today blessed by the Mother Nature in full glory. Visit this absolutely bewitching site to connect yourself with nature and various aspects of Buddhism.

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Nagarjunsagar Photos

Nagarjunsagar, Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjunasagar Dam
Ethipothala Waterfall

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FAQs on Nagarjunsagar

What is famous about Nagarjunsagar?

The place is not just quiet but also a treat to the eyes for its natural beauty. The Buddhism influence in the area adds an interesting aspect to tourism here.

What is not so good about Nagarjunsagar?

Limited things to do. Ideal for a one-day picnic/ getaway for the locals of Andhra Pradesh.

Who should visit Nagarjunsagar?

Nagarjunsagar qualifies for a quick day away from the city for a relaxed time with family and friends. You can consider taking your special someone for a quiet boat ride in the lake while enjoying the beautiful view.

What is the best time to visit Nagarjunsagar?

Nagarjunasagar, like all other cities of Andhra Pradesh, experiences tropical climatic conditions, hence the best time to visit Nagarjunasagar is during Winters from October to February. Winters in the town are moderately cool as a respite from the scorching and humid summers. It might get a bit chilly during the peak time and is the preferred time to explore the beauty of this town. Monsoon season receives moderate to heavy rainfall enhacing it's beauty three-fold, however it is less ideal for sightseeing and other activities.
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What is the local food in Nagarjunsagar?

Nagarjunasagar being a town in Andhra Pradesh mainly served authentic Andhra cuisine. The food available in the town is absolutely lip-smacking.
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What is the best way to reach Nagarjunsagar?

Nagarjuna Sagar is a well-connected destination and can be easily reached by road, air and train from the main cities across India and local districts within Andhra Pradesh. The nearest airport is situated in Hyderabad, and the nearest station is located in Macherla.

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What are the places near Nagarjunsagar?

The top places near to Nagarjunsagar are Nagarjunakonda which is 10 km from Nagarjunsagar, Srisailam which is located 74 km from Nagarjunsagar, Hyderabad which is located 125 km from Nagarjunsagar, Nalgonda which is located 68 km from Nagarjunsagar, Guntur which is located 123 km from Nagarjunsagar

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Nagarjunsagar Reviews

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Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
- Make sure you carry a camera to capture the cultural heritage of the city.
- Avoid travelling the city during summers owing to hot and dry weather and heat.
- Carry a pair of sport shoes for there is lot of walking around the town.
Nitin Pagare 2 years ago
We Indians don't understand the value of the treasure of Buddhist civilization found in the basin of Nagarjuna Sagar dam. No information booklets available , No guides to give information in the museum. Nearly 1700 years old treasure in the museum , but I think indian Govt. Is least bothered about it. Ofcourse it's my opinion and observations.