Places to Visit near Vijayawada

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Places to Visit near Vijayawada

Here is the list of 13 Places to Visit near Vijayawada

1. Prakasam Barrage - 6 km from Vijayawada

Standing on a whopping 160 pillars and offering an astounding view of the holy River Krishna, the Prakasam Barrage does a lot more than just looking majestic. This bridge connects the Kolkata-Chennai highway and facilitates the irrigation of over 1.2 acres of farm land. The entire bridge is lit up with soft yellow lights and is an amazing sight to witness.

2. Kanaka Durga Temple - 6 km from Vijayawada

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The Kanaka Durga Temple is a famous shrine dedicated to the Goddess Durga. Located in Vijayawada district of Andhra Pradesh, this astounding architecture is built in Dravidian fashion. The temple is surrounded by the hills of Inrakeeladri, right along the banks of the Krishna River. The temple finds mention in many sacred texts and Vedic literature as well and is a revered temple among devotees and followers. People visit this temple every year to show their respect and devotion to the Goddess Supreme and seek her blessings.

3. Bhavani Island - 8 km from Vijayawada

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Bhavani island is one of the largest islands on a river and is located over the Krishna river at Vijayawada. The vast expanse of the island proves to be the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. If you are one for adventure sports and water slides, this is an exhilarating place to visit! It is named after the Goddess Bhavani or Kanaka Durga whose temple is on the Indrakeeladri hill close to the island. Bhavani island can be reached by boat from the banks of Krishna river.

4. VMC Disney Land - 12 km from Vijayawada

Situated in Ajit Singh Nagar in Vijayawada, VMC Disney Land is one of the most popular and largest water parks in the city. With separate swimming pools for adults and kids, professionals and beginners and a variety of water activities and fun games, thrilling rides, aqua dancing and wave pools etc., the water park is the favourite hangout place for the city dwellers.

5. Mangalgiri - 16 km from Vijayawada

Being one of the 8 Mahakshetrams or sacred destinations of the country, Mangalagiri is a charming town in Vjayawada that has a lot of religious history. They say that Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the soil of Mangalagiri and that Lakshmi Devi has performed penance on its hilltop. The town's religious significance and natural beauty draw thousands of tourists every year.

6. Haailand - 20 km from Vijayawada

Haailand is situated around 19 kms from Vijayawada on the outskirts of the city. It is considered to be the most deliciously designed and themed water cum amusement parks in the region. It offers a plethora of fun games and activities. You can either choose for a water park package or and amusement park package or both.

7. Hinkar Thirtha - 25 km from Vijayawada

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One of the most renowned Jain temples, this structure houses the only Jain Shrine in the area. Adorned with Jain style of architecture, this is also one of the most beautiful structures n town.

8. Kondapalli Fort - 28 km from Vijayawada

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Kondapalli Fort is a marvellous 14th-century fort located in the village of Kondapalli in Guntur district near Vijayawada. The resplendent fort is considered of great historical importance and attracts tourists from all over the world. Locals frequent the site for a day-long picnic with friends and family due to its proximity from Vijayawada, which is just 23 kilometres away. As you explore the exalted fort, be sure to notice the breathtaking view of the valley.

9. Amaravathi - 41 km from Vijayawada

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Known For : Amareswara Temple, Amaravathi Amravati Museum, Amaravathi Dhyana Buddha Statue

Amaravathi is a city located on the banks of the River Krishna 32 kilometres north of Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The planned city is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, which is a familiar name for the Buddhists in India as it is a prime hub for pilgrimage and sightseeing for tourists. Thus, Amaravathi is also called the Abode of God. Being built on a 217km riverfront, the city is designed to have 51% of green spaces. Its foundation stone was laid on 22 October 2015 by prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Best Time: November to March

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10. Sri Ramalingeswara Swami vari Devasthanam - 97 km from Vijayawada

Resting atop a small hillock in the southeast corner of Vijayawada is the Sri Ramalingeswara Swami vari Devasthanam. Decked in a canopy of tall dense trees, this holy temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is decorated like a bride, come Mahashivratri. You will also be treated to a breathtaking view of the colourful city and the River Krishna from here.

11. Khammam - 122 km from Vijawada

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Known For : Narsimha Swami Temple Khammam Fort Palair Lake

Khammam city, erstwhile known as Kammamet, is located in the state of Telangana, approximately 200 km from the capital Hyderabad. A historically important city, Khammam hosted many movements during India’s freedom struggle. The Khammam Fort, which had periods of reign by both Hindu and Muslim leaders, is an important cultural landmark of the city, and a popular tourist destination.

Best Time: October to March

12. Rajahmundry - 158 km from Vijayawada

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Known For : Maredumilli Annavaram Papi Hills

Located on the banks of River Godavari in Andhra Pradesh, and officially known Rajamahendravaram, Rajahmundry is the biggest city of the East and the West Godavari District in the state. Touted to be one of the oldest cities in India, Rajahmundry was founded in the 19th century by the Chalukya King- Raja Raja Narendra.

Best Time: October to March

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13. Nalgonda - 192 km from Vijayawada

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Known For : Nandikonda Mattapalli Panagal (Panagallu)

Nalgonda is a city with deep rooted rich history and equally intriguing cultural heritage. With its roots going back to Paleolithic Age proved by enough evidence excavated from Yeleswaram, Nalgonda also displays the hints of Neolithic culture with further unearthing of sling stones and other such objects.

Best Time: November to February

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