Best Time To Visit Nagarjunsagar

What is the best time to visit Nagarjunsagar?

Nagarjunasagar, like all other cities of Andhra Pradesh, experiences tropical climatic conditions, hence the best time to visit Nagarjunasagar is during Winters from October to February. Winters in the town are moderately cool as a respite from the scorching and humid summers. It might get a bit chilly during the peak time and is the preferred time to explore the beauty of this town. Monsoon season receives moderate to heavy rainfall enhacing it's beauty three-fold, however it is less ideal for sightseeing and other activities.

Weather in Nagarjunsagar


Upcoming Nagarjunsagar Weather

Monthly Weather in Nagarjunsagar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 20° 6 days
February 32°/ 20° 4 days
March 35°/ 23° 2 days
April 38°/ 25° 4 days
May 41°/ 29° 4 days
June 38°/ 28° 14 days
July 33°/ 26° 17 days
August 32°/ 25° 21 days
September 31°/ 24° 24 days
October 30°/ 23° 29 days
November 30°/ 22° 3 days
December 29°/ 20° 2 days

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Nagarjunsagar in Summer (March - May)

March marks the beginning of summers in this region with the temperature rising above 40 degree celcius. Since the city has a tropical weather, with May being the most torrid month, tourists dread to visit Nagarjunasagar during summers. The humidity is extreme making sightseeing and other activities a daunting experience.
Nagarjunasagar Dam
Nagarjunasagar Dam

Nagarjunsagar in Monsoon (June - September)

June marks the onset of the monsoon season in Nagarjunasagar. The rains continue until September. It gradually starts getting cooler with September being the best time to visit the city. The Nagarjunasagar Dam is a must visit during Monsoons as it offers breathtaking views when the gates of the dam are open. The surrounding areas look greener and fresh. The only downside of visiting Nagarjunasagar during Monsoon is the unavailability of boating facility because of the unstable water.
Gates of Nagarjuna Dam
Gates of Nagarjuna Dam

Nagarjunsagar in Winter (October - February)

Post monsoon from October to February is the best time to travel to Nagarjunasagar with December and January being the coldest months. The temperature lies between 14 to 24-degrees celcius making it a pleasant getaway from nearby cities. Tourists enjoy a lot of attractions like the Buddhist Kondas, museums and other activities like boating in backwaters of the dam during these months. Special boat rides from Nagarjunasagar to Srisailam are also available during this period. The pleasant weather also allows you to make a small trek or camp around the Ethipothala Falls.

Nagarjunsagar Photos

Nagarjunsagar, Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjunasagar Dam
Ethipothala Waterfall

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