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Machilipatnam Tourism

The port town of Machelipatnam nestled on the banks of River Krishna is one of the most popular tourist attractions of South India. Steeped in rich historical past, the town still reflects the footprint of several foreign invaders in the country.

In fact, Machelipatnam is believed to be one of the first colonial settlements of the British along Coromondal Coast in Indian Subcontinent. Once served as a prominent port town, it later changed hands with several invaders including British, Arab, French and Dutch. Besides such a glorious past, this town today offers its visitors a perfect place to relax along its pristine and alluring beaches and an ideal place to relive the past through majestic historic monuments and traditional artifacts. All in all, this beautiful town which is also known as Masulipatnam, Masula or Bandar is always ready to surprise you.

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The Beauty of Coromandel

Also known as Masulipatnam, Masula or Bandar, Machelipatnam, nestled on the banks of River Krishna, is an extremely popular tourist destination in the Coromandel coastal region of the state of Andhra Pradesh. A mute witness to the rules of a wide variety of emperors, from the glorious ages of Kakatiyas & Vijayanagara Empire to the dark ages of European colonialism, there is absolutely nothing that this place has not seen. Besides the above, Machelipatnam is also deeply religious, home to several pilgrimages paying their homage to various Hindu deities, from the Holy Trinity to the noble warriors.  


Machilipatnam, for the longest of times, was also known as Masulipatnam and Masula Kamaan (meaning fish gate) and is an old port town (patnam), the two words must have come together to form what was once known as Masulipatnam. The place was also once known as Bandar (Bunder) which means Port in Persian and literally translates to Bandh (Enclosed), D?r (Gate). Locally, people also call it Brundaavanapuram.

History of Machilipatnam

The history of Machilipatnam, begins from the 3rd Century B.C. when the city was called Maisolos, by Ptolemy - an ancient Greek Geographer. It was the period of the Satavahana Kings and since the city was situated at the mouth of the River Krishna, right off the Coromandel Coast - it had been the centre of flourishing sea trade, known for its Muslin, a thin plain weave cotton cloth, which also got its name from this city. In the year 1478, the city went into the hands of Muhammad Shah Bahanami II - after which a succession of rulers took hold of this land, right from Raja Krishna Devaraya to Kings of Odisha like Golconda and Quli Qutb Shah. Also around this time, many European traders like the Portuguese, the Dutch and thereafter, the British followed by the French set up their trade centres near this port. The main items to be traded and exported were muslin cloth, spices, diamonds, kalamkari fabrics and turmeric. Much later, the Golconda Kings were defeated and the Emperor of Delhi conquered Masulipatnam. In the year 1779, a major cyclone hit the coast of Masulipatnam and more than 200,000 were killed. After many upheavals, the city was given recognition and the British East India Company set up their first trading post here before it got incorporated into the periphery of Northern Circars - which was a division of British India’s Madras presidency.

Art and Culture

Being a land rich in cultural heritage, Machilipatnam has to boast off to its acclaim many handicrafts that originated from near the port town and which have been given the geographical indication of Andhra Pradesh, like the Machilipatnam Kalamkari which is the dyed block-painting of fabric, done by hand. Kuchipudi, as a classical Indian dance form originated just 25 kilometres from Machilipatnam, in the city of Kuchipudi. There are also many small-scale industries here, particularly that of gold fashion jewellery - thus, making the land one which has a supremely cultural bent of life. In fact, Bandar Laddu (also known as Tokkudu Laddu) is a famous and signature sweet from Machilipatnam that is made of gram flour (besan) and ghee and is known across the globe for its delectable taste and sweetness - making even the cuisines of Machilipatnam very special.

Restaurants and Local Food in Machilipatnam

Machelipatnam being located in Andhra Pradesh mainly features the authentic Andhra cuisine. The food is a bit spicy but delicious at the same time. Do not forget to try out the famous Sheermala and Heleem while in the town.
For vegetarians, sambar, idli and dosa are a good option. Double ka meetha, khurbani ka meetha, coconut laddu and semiya payasam are the popular sweet dishes that are must try.
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Suggested Itinerary for Machilipatnam

Begin your trip in Machelipatnam with an early rise and heartwarming breakfast. Now all set for a one-day excursion, you first stop of the day is an ancient Panduranga Swamy Temple built over a huge area of six acres. Next, try and cover the three more popular shrines of Sai Maharaj Devalayam, the famous temple of Lord Shiva at Dattashram and lastly Machelipatnam Church. Break for lunch in between to enjoy the lip smacking food in the town. Last stop should be Manginapudi Beach where beneath the mesmerising view of the sunset, unwind yourself with swimming and relaxing. Also, visit the lighthouse on the coast of the beach. Conclude your amazing trip to this captivating beach town with warm dinner at hotel and star gazing at night.

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Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Manginapudi Beach
Temples of Lord Shiva
Sai Maharaj Devalayam

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FAQs on Machilipatnam

What is famous about Machelipatnam?

Less crowded. Pristine beaches with a calm environment. Known for its Kalamkari textiles.

What is not so good about Machelipatnam?

It might be difficult to find good North Indian food. The town is not very well developed.

Who should visit Machelipatnam?

Machelipatnam is ideal for people looking for a calm vacation spot in South India. A great place for a short family trip. Also good for people who want to buy Kalamkari textiles.

What is the best time to visit Machelipatnam?

Summers in Machelipatnam are extremely hot and humid proving to be unpleasant for tourism purpose. The temperature during the season often spikes up to 42 degrees Celcius with April and June being the hottest months. Winters, however, are moderate and extremely pleasant. The figure during winters dwindles between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius. Hence, the best time to visit the town is between the months of October and March. Avoid travelling during monsoon as the area receives heavy rainfall and frequently hit by cyclones originating at the Bay of Bengal.
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What is the local food in Machelipatnam?

Machelipatnam being located in Andhra Pradesh mainly features the authentic Andhra cuisine. The food is a bit spicy but delicious at the same time. Do not forget to try out the famous Sheermala and Heleem while in the town.
For vegetarians, sambar, idli and dosa are a good option. Double ka meetha, khurbani ka meetha, coconut laddu and semiya payasam are the popular sweet dishes that are must try.
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What is the best way to reach Machelipatnam?

Machelipatnam is well connected to the rest of India by rail and road. Regular rail and bus services ply to and fro the city of Machelipatnam; buses being operated both by private and government owners, such as Andhra Pradesh / Seemandhra State Road Transport Corporation. There is no direct flight connectivity, however, to Machelipatnam. Vijayawada airport at Gannavaram, Vijayawada, is the nearest airport to Machilipatnam, around 60 km away from the same.
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What are the things to do in Machelipatnam?

The top things to do in Machelipatnam are Manginapudi Beach, Panduranga Swamy Temple, The Lighthouse, Temples of Lord Shiva, Shopping in Machelipatnam, Dattashram. You can see all the places to visit in Machelipatnam here

What are the places near Machelipatnam?

The top places near to Machelipatnam are Guntur which is 75 km from Machelipatnam, Vijayawada which is located 63 km from Machelipatnam, Hyderabad which is located 312 km from Machelipatnam, Rajahamundry which is located 117 km from Machelipatnam, Konaseema which is located 110 km from Machelipatnam

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- Make sure you carry a camera to capture the cultural heritage of the city.
- Avoid travelling the city during summers owing to hot and dry weather and heat.
- Take all kind of precautions whi (Read More)le indulging in sport activites and do not forget to carry your swim wear.
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