Parks in Vijayawada


Parks in Vijayawada

Vijayawada is one of the fastest growing urban cities in India. It is a city that has clung onto it's cultural roots while embracing the modern sensibilities of a metropolis. The many parks found spr (Read More)ead across the city offer respite from the racket of the city. Here is a list of the best parks in Vijayawada:

Here is the list of 9 Parks in Vijayawada

1. Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada

Set on the banks of River Krishna, the Rajiv Gandhi Park has it all- a small enclosure with exotic animals, a dinosaur park with life size replicas of ancient creatures and a mesmerising musical fountain. Relaxing amidst the dense verdure of this park and listening to the melodious chirping of the birds will leave you refreshed after a long monotonous week.

2. Raghavaiah Park

Raghavaiah Park

Located on the end of MG Road in Vijayawada, Raghavaiah Park is situated by a canal that runs off from river Krishna. The park has a hanging bridge across the canal and has ample space for kids to play. The bridge connects the two parts of the park across the canal and the park has been revamped to give a modern look.

3. K L Rao Park

K L Rao Park

Located near Chittinagar in the One-town area of Vijayawada, the KL Rao Park is well equipped with activities that engage people across all ages. The park opens at 5 in the morning which makes it ideal for people to take morning walks and it also has a swimming pool as well. There is a small pond in the park which facilitates boating as well.

4. Scrap Sculpture Park

Scrap Sculpture Park

Instead of putting scrap metal away, the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation put them to some artistic use by creating a park including sculptures made of scrap metal. Located at the end of MG Road, opposite to the police control room, the park is visible to commuters. The sculptures are made from failed automobile parts, pieces of machinery and other scrap metals.

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5. Ambedkar Park

Ambedkar Park

Surrounded by a quiet residential neighbourhood, this park is filled with greenery and has a peaceful environment. People often take morning walks and children have a play area to spend their evenings. Located in Gurunanak colony, the park is quite famous among the local residents of the area.

6. Alluri Sitaramaraju Park

Alluri Sitaramaraju Park

With a lot of play equipment and benches for the elders to rest, the Alluri Sitaramaraju Park is located on the Bund Stretch of the Eluru Road Canal. The park is located in a quiet residential area and has a tiny space for parking vehicles. The park has a lot of greenery and is well-maintained.

7. Andhra Ratna Municipal Park

Andhra Ratna Municipal Park

With a defined walking pavement, this park is covered with a sheet of lush green grass. Situated in Satyanarayana Puram, the Andhra Ratna Municipal Park is maintained by the VMC and the local residents surrounding the park. There are different flowers as well, adding a little colour to the park.

8. Veterinary Colony Park

Veterinary Colony Park

If you’d like to have a good morning run amidst nature and also put in some time at the gym, the Veterinary Colony Park is your ideal destination. With a concrete pavement along the compound, the park is well-maintained and has porches of grass with benches to sit on.

9. F1H2O park

F1H2O park

Situated under the Kanaka Durga Flyover near Berm park, the F1H2O park was constructed before the event was first conducted in the city. The park saw a massive response on its inauguration and it is very popular among the kids. There are various play areas, sculptures and selfie spots in the park. It looks magnificent during the night.

Which of these parks have you visited? Tell us in the comments.

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