What is the best time to visit Taipei?

March-May and September-November is the best time to visit Taipei. Taipei is usually underrated by the Western travellers, but very few actually know about the beauty of this place. The magnificent Taiwanese architecture, the historic temples, the national parks and some of the most beautiful unexplored beaches encompass Taipei, one of the most loved cities in Taiwan. The spring season in Taipei is sunny and yet comfortable for exploring the places during day time. The spring months falls under the peak season and hence, the streets and other public places will be usually filled with tourists. May, however, gets a fair share of rainfall. Again, the autumn months of September-November is absolutely stunning in Taipei. The weather is cold and balmy. Also, there’s very little to no rainfall during this time and it’s great for outdoor activities. July and August are the wettest months in Taipei and there are high chances of Typhoon as well.

Weather in Taipei


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Monthly Weather in Taipei

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 21°/ 14° 11 days
February 22°/ 15° 11 days
March 24°/ 17° 16 days
April 23°/ 17° 17 days
May 27°/ 21° 18 days
June 31°/ 24° 21 days
July 33°/ 26° 26 days
August 33°/ 26° 20 days
September 30°/ 23° 18 days
October 28°/ 21° 12 days
November 24°/ 18° 15 days
December 22°/ 16° 16 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Taipei

Taipei in Summer (June - August)

Summer is harsh, hot and humid in Taipei. The temperatures can occasionally hit over 30°C (86°F), which is too much for the travellers exploring the city during day time. This is also the season of typhoons and hence, travelling to Taipei during summers is a big no-no. Even when Taipei is possibly safe from the disasters, spending days inside the hotel isn’t much of a good idea as the outside gets overflowed with heavy showers and thunderstorms. The beginning of the summer season, however, starts with the Dragon Boat Festival, which is pretty fun for the tourists. It’s basically all about dragon boat races, and fun and frolic relating to that. It’s a public holiday for the whole country.

Taipei in Spring (March - May)

Mild weather, sunny days and beautiful locales are what comprises of spring in Taipei. The flowers in the local parks are in full bloom. The temperature usually ranges in 20-25°C (68-78°F). Towards the end of May, the wet season starts appearing. The Tomb Sweeping Day in April is celebrated as a public holiday in Taipei and many locals head south to their homes for spending the holiday with family. Hence, you will find deserted streets during this time more often than not.

Taipei in Autumn (September - November)

The locals feel that autumn is the best time in Taipei. This is the same with some of the travellers and hence, the autumn months of September-November falls under the shoulder season in Taipei. The typhoon season gets over and the weather is just perfect for walking around the alleys. The days are relatively sunny and the nights are neither cold nor hot. The Moon Festival and the Double Ten Day are quite famous events in Taipei during autumn. The Moon Festival is usually about a family holiday and the residents spend the evenings enjoying a barbeque under the full moon. The Double Ten Day is, on the other hand, all about flag-raising ceremonies and military parades around the city.

Taipei in Winter (December - February)

Winters in Taipei is usually very cold. The temperature drops as low as 10°C (50°F). Although it’s too cold to venture out for the locals, many travellers find this weather perfect for touring around Taipei. The reason being, the weather, though cold, is not unbearable. The Christmas season is a perfect time to be a part of the revelry all around the city. January is the coldest month in Taipei. You can visit the New Taipei City’s Christmasland or be a part of the New Year’s Eve fireworks and fun at the Taipei 101. The Chinese New Year in February and the Lantern Festival, which occurs close to spring, is also quite a huge celebration in Taipei.

Taipei in Low Season

Summer months of June-August are extremely hot and humid in Taipei. This is the low season and also, touring around the places during day time is a bit of sweaty and sticky affair during summers! This is also the season of typhoons and although Taipei is quite safe from it, you would not like to spend the days inside the hotel room waiting for the torrential rains to stop, isn’t it?

Taipei in Shoulder Season

September-November can be the shoulder months for travelling to Taipei. The weather is perfect for exploring outside and hence, paying a visit to the lakes or the beaches nearby is really a good idea. The average temperature remains 73 – 86° F / 23 – 30° C, which is pretty comfortable for the tourists. Also, the best part is, the hotels and other accommodation costs are absolutely not pricey and the streets aren’t congested with travellers.

Taipei in Peak Season

Pleasant weather, very less rainfall and colourful blooms all across the city makes the spring months of March-May the most preferred and hence, the peak season for travelling to Taipei. This is also the best season for visiting the Yangmingshan National Park. For the hiking lovers, the Elephant Mountain is a great choice during spring as the trails are beautiful and hiking is easy.

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