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Here are the top 1 tourist places in Taiwan

1. Taipei

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Places to visit in Taiwan 12
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Capital of Taiwan, Taipei is the city where the government of the Republic of China shifted after the revolution in 1949. Today, it has developed by leaps and bounds, becoming an all encompassing tourist destination and also home to the world's 8th tallest building, the Taipei 101.

Best Time: September to November

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FAQs on Taiwan

What is the currency of Taiwan?

New Taiwan Dollar is the national currency. The most frequently used notes are TWD 100, TWD 500 and TWD 1000. Coins of denominations TWD 1, TWD 5, TWD 15, TWD 20 and TWD 50 are also used here. The best exchange rate will be received if you convert from USD. Torn or damaged notes will not be accepted here.

What is the history of Taiwan?

The Taiwanese aborigines, the first to inhabit Taiwan, were entirely reliant on agriculture. The Dutch arrived and colonized the island. Post that, a lot of immigrants began flowing in, including the Hakka immigrants. The Spanish came to try and assert their authority in Taiwan, but the Dutch drove them out. This was followed by the arrival of the Ming and Qing dynasties. After the first Sino-Japanese war, Taiwan went into the hands of the Japanese. After the end of World War II, China took control of Taiwan. In the 1980s, the first direct presidential election was held in Taiwan, post which rapid industrialisation took place.

What is unique about culture of Taiwan?

Being hospitable is a big part of the Taiwanese culture. They treat all guests with utmost respect. The Taiwanese to this date, hold close to them their superstitions and beliefs in bad omens, so it is important that you know this before travelling there. Their culture is also quite work-centric. Work is worship, as they say. The three main religions of Taiwan are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Other religions include Christianity, Mormonism, Hinduism and Islam. Mandarin is the lingua franca of Taiwan. Other aboriginal languages are also spoken here.

How is Taiwan divided into regions?

The major regions of Taiwan are Northern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, Eastern Taiwan, Southern Taiwan and the Outlying Islands. The former is dubbed the technology hub of the island and also holds Taipei. Central Taiwan is well known for its natural beauty in the form of serene lakes, majestic mountains and national parks. Eastern Taiwan is divided from the rest by the central mountains and also contains oodles of charm. Southern Taiwan boasts of fun beaches and cool palm trees whereas the Outlying Islands are popular for weekend getaways.
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