This Airport Is Offering A Half-Day 'Pretend You Are Travelling' Tour To Its Citizens

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In times when immobility has become the norm and airports have become mere parking areas for most of the flights, Songshan Airport of Taipei has come up with an amazing idea to help people overcome the prevalent immobility crisis. The idea is to give people the experience of travelling without actually going somewhere. People get a chance to pretend that they are going on a vacation. They can come to the airport and take a tour of it. This will be a half day tour that will give you a feeling of going for a vacation or plain travelling.


Ninety people will stand a chance to enjoy the airport tour. This unique tour will not just include strolling around the airport but will get you through every possible activity that usually takes place at airports like the process of immigration, boarding a plane and deboarding it. The tour will take place on July 2, 4 and 7. 

The less busier Songshan Airport has given this amazing opportunity to new fliers to experience the whole process of boarding a flight and for frequent fliers to overcome their travel sickness.

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This post was published by Ishika Wahane

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