As a temple town, vegetarian food is the only choice available here. There aren't too many options for food here but one can enjoy good South-Indian food as well as teasing bits of street food here. One can also relish the temple food. In midst the dense forests it is advisable for people to keep hydrated by eating food with high carbohydrates and drink lots of water.

Photos of Famous Food in Srisailam

Local dishes of Srisailam
Local dishes of Srisailam

Restaurants in Srisailam

Trishul Restaurant


6:30AM- 11PM

INR 500 For Two for two

Trishul has a good variety of food and pleasant ambience. This place is a hit among the travelers.

Malikarjuna Sadan Complex, near Srisaila Devasthanam Central Reception Office, Srisailam 518101, India

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