Food of Srinagar

Srinagar is colorful and beautiful in all its sides. Cuisine follows the same idea, with dishes that are rich, unique and significant enough to create a food culture around themselves. Kashmiri kebabs found are famous worldwide and you just cannot step out of Srinagar without trying these.
Also this is the place for the authentic green tea and Kawah. While here, one can also indulge in popular local breads available here with a sip of 'Pink tea'. Tsot is a local bread with sesame and poppy seeds and is quite popular in menus for breakfast.
Local cuisine include tabak maz, or flat pieces of meat cut from the ribs and fried till they acquire a crisp crackling texture, Gushtaba, which are meatballs moulded from pounded mutton like large-sized Rista (meat balls) but cooked in thick gravy of fresh curd base, Yakhni, a cream colored preparation of delicate flavor, is made with curd as a base, seekh kababs, Roganjosh, chaman- fried paneer (cottage cheese), in a thick sauce, dum-aloo - roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy.
Places to try Kashmiri Food

Matamaal - It is a Kashmiri Pandit household food station where you can relish on some traditional cuisines along with great music. The restaurant has a very classic feel to it, the menu is limited but every dish is worthwhile to try. Mutton Kanti is one of their most ordered items.
The Chinar - Situated in the valleys, this is an exotic food palace for some delight food. The food is a bit expensive but if you want to try some of the rich varieties of Kashmiri food, this place is top recommend. Some of the things you should try are Kashmiri Guchhi and Grilled rainbow trout.
Mughal Darbar - If you want to try some mutton-based cuisines, this place has its best to offer. From the best Wazwan in town to some mouth-watering traditional dishes, the floor carpet sitting is what attracts visitors to this place.
Shamyana - Roagn Josh and Wazwan are two things this place is famous for, serving some authentic delicacies in a great ambience dining. Located on the boulevard street, it offers a wide menu and great service.

Here are the top 6 restaurants in Srinagar:

Mughal Darbar

INR 200-350 For Two
Residency Road, Srinagar, Kashmir INDIA 190 001
Mughal Darbar
Offering some great dishes of Mughlai cuisine along with Kashmiri non-veg, Mughal Darbar is a popular restaurant in Srinagar. Delicious Kashmiri Wazwan is a benchmark of this restaurant. A 'not-so-expensive' eatery and good quality of food.

Cafe de Linz

INR 300-400 For two
Court Rd
Cafe de Linz
With a very unusual cozy ambiance and dim lighting, this is a semicircular restaurant that serves a typical range of Indian and Chinese dishes. Try Rogan josh here.


INR 280-350 For Two
Ahdoo's Hotel, Residency Road, Ahdoos Hotel, Srinagar 190001, India
A very well known and popular joint in the city, Ahdoos is located on Residency Road and offers some authentic Kashmiri delicacies at decent rates. Apart from lamb dishes, there is also a good variety for foodies in terms of Chinese and vegetarian options. There's also a bakery downstairs serving good desserts.

Coffea Arabica

INR 500-700 For Two
Coffea Arabica
This bistro behind a half-timbered place, is deceivingly spacious! It sports a fresh blend of cuisines in a city like Srinagar. Pizzas, Momos, Cakes, Milkshakes all are available here. Overall, it's nice place to hangout.

Krishna Vaishno Dhaba

INR 100-150 For Two
Durganag Rd
Krishna Vaishno Dhaba
Krishna Vaishno Dhaba serves authentic Indian food. It's the perfect place for bag packers or even tourists to enjoy some good vegetarian preparations.

Lhasa Restaurant

INR 200-250 For Two
Lane 2, Boulevard Road, Srinagar190001, India
Lhasa Restaurant
Located near the shore of the majestic Dal Lake, Lhasa has a convivial walled garden or a low-ceilinged oriental dining room with elements of Buddhist design and style. It serves the best Chinese and Tibetan dishes in the area and is a hot favorite among the youth.

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