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Entry Fee : Adults: SGD 47,
Children: SGD 31,
Seniors: SGD 20,
Parkhopper Plus: SGD 68 - SGD 88

Timings : 7:15 PM - 12:00 AM,
Last ticket sale at 11:15 PM

Singapore Night Safari, Singapore Overview

Located next to the Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari is a one of its kind in the world, allowing tourists a tete-a-tete with the nocturnal animals.

Established in year 1994, the Night Safari is the world's first place that takes you into the world of animals at night without causing them any kind of discomfort. More like a wildlife reserve than a safari, the facility is well-managed, offering an insight of the natural habitat of about 2500 animals residing here. Around 130 species like the Malayan Tiger, endangered Asian Elephants and the Malayan tapir can be seen during the safari in a relaxed mood. 38% of the animals in the reserve are of the threatened species. The fierce animals such as tigers and leopards are behind the barriers but the friendly ones like deer roam freely around. While you explore the 35 hectares of dense forest, it will take some time to adjust to the dim lights. You can either take a tram, a 40-minute ride with live commentary, or explore the facility on foot exploring the various geographical zones of the world from rugged Himalayan topography to Africa's swampy banks.

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Wildlife at the Night Safari

With over 2,500 animals representing 130 species, one can find a vast array of wildlife at the Night Safari. Among these are the rare Asiatic lion, the Malayan flying fox, Indian rhinoceros, pangolin, tarsier, Asian elephant, fishing cat, Malayan flying fox, sugar glider and so on. 38% of the species at this reserve are considered as threatened species.

Zones of the Night Safari

There are seven unique geographical zones in the Night Safari, following an open-air zoo theme. Natural barriers separate the animals from the tourists, giving them a certain amount of mobility and freedom to move around in their natural environments. There is lighting within the safari that resembles moonlight, bright enough to see these remarkable animals without being an annoyance to them.

Himalayan Foothills: This zone features the characteristic features of the landscape of the Himalayan mountain range, such as majestic mountains, rugged terrains, steep slopes, flowing streams, and arid vegetation.
Indian Subcontinent: One can find dense forest and a thick vegetative cover across this zone, representative of the beautiful landscape of India.
Equatorial Africa: Open grasslands and mid-sized greenery cover this zone, home to many exotic herbivores.
Indo-Malayan Region: A thick population of verdant rainforests and lovely mangroves cover this zone.
Asian Riverine Forest: One can see the twisted rich rainforests native to the region of Southeast Asian rivers in this zone.
Nepalese River Valley: One can see the beautiful low-lying terrains and wet marshlands that form the Nepalese River Valley at this zone.
Burmese Hillside: The final zone of the tram ride is the Burmese Hillside, covered in tropical and subtropical forests.

Shows at the Night Safari

Apart from the engrossing wildlife of the reserve, one can also attend exciting shows at the Night Safari.

Thumbaukar Performance: Start the captivating night safari experience with this exciting show involving traditionally dressed performers with lit up batons honing their fire-twirling skills, set to the beat of jungle drums.
Venue: Entrance Courtyard
Duration: 7 minutes
Timings: 6:45 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM

Creatures of the Night: Immerse yourself in the enthralling display of the unique abilities of the fascinating creatures of the night that are found in the Night Safari in this interactive show.
Venue: Amphitheatre
Duration: 25 minutes
Timings: 7:15 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM

Trails at the Night Safari

In addition to embarking on the tram ride that takes tourists throughout the safari, one can also choose to explore the Night Safari through 4 walking trails laid out around the area.

Leopard trail: Observe the nightly routine of leopards, lions, civets, porcupines and so on as you journey through this trail. Creatures of the sky such as flying foxes and squirrels can be seen through the walk-through exhibit of Mangrove Walk.

Fishing Cat trail:
Winding through the lush simulated jungles, one can find endangered species like the Pangolins across this trail. The interesting fishing cat can be found scurrying about the water surface.

East Lodge Trail: Taking you through the crossroads of Africa and Asia, this trail will allow visitors to view the interesting animals of the savannah co-exist with the exotic animals of the tropical regions.

Wallaby Trail: Explore the fascinating wildlife of Oceania, and the neighbouring region of Australasia. This captivating trail starts off as the Discovery Centre where tourists can meet marsupials like the sugar glider and brush-tailed possum. One will also pass the Naracoorte Cave, Singapore’s first man-made cave, where they will find uncommon animals like the Asian black forest scorpion, Mexican fireleg Tarantula, and the amethystine python alongside interesting aboriginal paintings hidden away in the nooks of the cave.

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Tips For Visiting The Night safari

  • The shows at the Night Safari are extremely popular, so it is advisable to arrive early to witness them as they operate on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • On the weekends and on the eve of public holidays, both the shows have an additional timeslot, at 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM.

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Mrunal Mahadik 11 months ago
I went in around 8.30 and left around 12 so that should give you an idea about the crowds, also try and see the creatures of the night show first and then go for a tram ride because the trams run later in the night than the show or else by the time you finish your tram ride the creatures of the night show may be full or past it's last slot.
Mrunal Mahadik 11 months ago
The night safari has an open sided tram that takes you around the park and lasts for about 30 minutes. The lighting in the park is made so to resemble natural moonlight so that the animals are reminded of their natural habitat. The creatures of the night show is a must see, but get there early because they have really long queues and limited slots.
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