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Jurong Bird Park

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Time Required: 2.5 - 3 hours


8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry Fee:

Adult: SGD 29,
Child (3 - 12 years): SGD 19,
Senior Citizen: SGD 13

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Overview

Jurong Bird Park is the Asia's largest bird paradise. The Bird Park has many colourful and vivid species from different parts of the world. Experience a wonderful time travelling through the park, discovering various species and enjoying the bird shows that are hosted at the park! Get a chance to feed the penguins and have lunch with the parrots. The Bird Park has a tram that stops at various points. It also has a Bird Discovery Centre where interactive educational sessions are held for groups.

The Jurong Bird Park is managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group. The Bird Park is vast with various aviaries created for different birds. Upon entering, you will see the penguins living in a cold - artic based environment (Penguin Coast). From then on, the park has categorised birds at different spots as Flamingo Pool, Riverine, Saddlebill, Flamingo Lake, Pelican Cove, Swan Lake, Dinosaur Descendants, Waterfall Aviary, Birds of Prey, Lorry Loft, Jungle Jewels, Wings of Asia, Hornbills and Toucans, Birds of Paradise, Crowned Pigeons, Wetlands and Heliconia Walk. They also have a Breeding and Research Centre and a Discovery Centre for the birds. The Park has a shop right before the exit with different accessories and products. It also has a cafe named Hawk Cafe and a restaurant.

More on Jurong Bird Park

There are two different bird shows organised at the Jurong Bird Park, held twice a day. These shows last around 20 minutes each.

King of the Skies
The King of the Skies show features the fierce birds of prey such as the White-tailed Sea Eagle, the Hooded Vulture, the Harris's hawk, and the Malay fish owl circling the arena. The brave members of the audience can also give falconry a try.
Location: Hawk Arena,
Shows: 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM,

High Flyers
The High Flyers show displays many of the prized birds of the Jurong Bird Park. One can witness the friendly parrot duel, the endangered Hyacinth Macaw Gaia, the Great Pied Hornbills. This show also features the talented Yellow-naped Amazon named Amigo, the only bird in the world capable of singing in three languages.
Location: Pools Amphitheatre,
Shows: 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM,

There is an additional parrot show that takes place at the Flamingo Lake during lunch.

There are two guided tours organised at the Jurong Bird Park.

Bird's Eye Tour
This tour involves the accompaniment of an experienced guide with visitors as they are taken through the most popular exhibits. Visitors also have the unique experience of handfeeding starlings, rollers and cassowaries. The guides provide a plethora of information and fun facts about the avian world throughout the tour.
Timings: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM,
Cost: Adults: SGD 38, Kids: SGD 25

Private Buggy Tours
Accommodating upto 7 people, this tour involves the private use of the tour buggy, where visitors may leisurely wander around the park while being instructed on the best exhibits of the park.
Cost: SGD 250 per hour

The Jurong Bird Park offers a variety of camps for children under the age of 14. These camps range from half-day stays to overnight camps, where children are exposed to the amazing world of these avian species, gaining a deeper understanding about them through close-up observations and caring for them.

Be A Junior Avian Keeper
Children are given first-hand training at the nuances of being a bird keeper. This camp involves preparing feed for the birds and learning how the well-being and good health of the birds is managed.
Cost: SGD 270
Only for children aged 11 - 14,

2-Day Bird Quest Camp
Children will have the unique opportunity of experiencing close-up encounters with the birds of the park and hands-on bird-keeping experience.
Cost: SGD 180,
Only for children aged 6 - 10,

Sleep with the Penguins Family Camp
Family fun is included in this overnight camping activity with the fascinating penguins of Jurong Bird Park.
Adults: SGD 130,
Children (5 - 12 years): SGD 110

There are many fun activities one can indulge in while at the Jurong Bird Park.
  • Feeding the animals: Visitors may purchase food supplies on-site and participate in the scheduled feeding sessions of the birds. Timings for the different zones, so it is best to consult the official website if you wish to engage in this fun bonding session with the park inhabitants. During these sessions, visitors may engage in conversation with the birdkeepers, gaining a deeper understanding of these winged species.
  • Watch a bird show: Be amazed the variety of colour and diversity of avian species at the park by attending one of their regular bird shows.
  • Wildlife tours: Travel through the park along with one of the park experts and witness the most popular exhibits, try your hand at feeding the birds and learn some little-known facts about your new feathered friends.
  • Camping (for children): Jurong Bird Park camps offer children the perfect opportunity to receive hands-on experience about the fascinating world of birds.

  • The first show starts at 10:00 AM, so it would be ideal to reach the park at 9:30 AM and start the day of with the Kings of Hawks Show.

One can reach the Jurong Bird Park by boarding the East-West MRT line towards Tuas Link, arriving at the Boon Lay station. From the Boon Lay bus interchange, Bus No. 194 will take passengers directly to the Jurong Bird Park.

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