Food of Sivasagar

The dishes here, like any other part of the state are a breather from typical spices and elaborate cooking and are flavoured with herbs which are indigenous to the region. Rice is an essential part of the meals. One can find here the popular items of the state's menu such as Khar, Tenga, Pokori, Poitabhat, Pitika, Laksa as well as a number of snacks to go with the finest of Teas that the area offers. The local snacks that one can try are Jolpan, Pitha and Laru. One might want to end their meal with Paan which is a significant part of the food culture here.

Here are the top 1 restaurants in Sivasagar:

Sky Chef Restaurant

INR 600 For Two
11AM - 11PM
Sibsagar Road, Assam, India
Sky Chef Restaurant
This place has a nice view and offers a variety of food options. One can definitely enjoy a good meal here.

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