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Food of Lilabari

Food in Lilabari is greatly influenced not only by Assam but by Arunachal pradesh as well. People here usually eat rice, fish, meat and green leafy vegetables known as 'Laax'. Some of the most loved Assamese cuisines are Khar, made by filtering water through the ashes of Banana trees, Tenga which is a light and sour fish dish, Poitabhat made by soaking cooked rice overnight and then garnished with onion and spices. Talking about drinks, Assam is well known for its tea, known as "saah" and rice is the main ingredient for beer here but you can taste different alcohol beverages belonging to different tribes as well.

Lilabari Photos

Lilabari, Assam
Golf - One of the Famous Sports in Lilabari
Lilabari - Small Town Famous for Many Adventure Sports
Lilabari - Quaint Town in North Lakhimpur

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