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Food of Mon

The food here is simple yet both rich and filling. Try the popular and authentic Noodles and Momos , having a distinct local flavour to them. One might also find a number of popular local Naga dishes such as Dried pork, smoked pork stew, boiled vegetables, bamboo steamed fish, chicken rice soup, naga ghost chillie sauce. as well as a local beverage, Rice beer.

Here are the top 7 restaurants in Mon:

1. L'Envers

A bistro special, L'Envers requires you to book in advance and while you are seated at the ever-bustling lane outside, select dishes that offer a twisit on the traditional preparation: from gazpacho to sea bass fillet with pesto, the best dishes are served here.

2. Le Pastissou

Delight in the tastes of France at this cozy, warm restaurant that serves delicacies Auvergne-style - tripe, duck breast, cassoulet and much more. Don't forget to order wine because that's how the French do.

3. La Vie est Belle

La Vie est Bele brings you the best of Belgian delicacies specially famous amongst families visiting Mon, it serves full-filling meals. The restaurant is decorated with mirrors and puppet dolls that give it a lively touch.

4. Henri

Try it's special Mon local - pork in brown sauce - as you enjoy this pub side to side with local eateries.

5. Oscar

Mon's favourite hotel, just next to the Grand Palace, dishes out extravagantly prepared platters ranging from liege-style meatballs to pork ribs a la Normande along with vegan options to choose from.

6. Salon des Lumières

Walk into the epic, dreamy settings of the 18th-century at Salon des Lumieres as you make your way to this chateau swathed in chandeliers and candles as costumed folks help you out to your porcelain tables. Taste the effervescent delicacies straight from the bygone era prepared with field herbs and flowers.

7. Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçon

Located in a modernly decorated anchient building, Villaine Fille offers alid-back experience of dining and easy conversation over ingenious dishes with surprising ingredients. A small menu leaves little to chance as they have set dishes for the week.

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