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"An urban habitat to Ao Naga"

Mokokchung Tourism

The most significant urban centre in all of Nagaland after Dimapur and Kohima and the home of Ao Naga.

The popular tourist spots in the area include the District Museum, the Town main park, (located just above the Town Center), Unman village (which is regarded as the oldest and largest) and the Ao village. In addition, visitors might also be interested in exploring places like Longkhum, Langpangkong, Mopungchukit and Chuchuyimlang located within the district. Since agriculture constitutes the main occupation in the area, festivals during the sowing and harvesting months are sure to enhance the tourist's experience.

Things to do in Mokokchung

1. Longkhum

It is said that a single visit to Longkhum isn't enough. Your soul stays behind the first time and you have to return again to get it back. Such is the beauty of this place which houses the magnificen (Read More)t Rhododendrons atop the hillocks.

2. Ungma Village

Ungma Village
This is the second largest village in Nagaland and the oldest and largest of the Ao tribe reside here. Believed to be the birthplace of the Ao tribe, the natives of this village have taken extra preca (Read More)utions to preserve the Ao culture and tradition.

3. Langpangkong Caves

Langpangkong Caves
These caves are situated between the valleys of Dikhu and Tzula Rivers. Towns Tuli and Changtongya are near these caves. Located in the midst of natural beauty in the Langpangkong mountain range, thes (Read More)e caves are believed to have given shelter to an Ahom King.

4. Molung Village

Molung Village
Molung or new Molung or Molungyimsen is the village formed on 24th October 1876 and from where further works on Christianity and Christianization progressed within and to other parts of Nagaland, afte (Read More)r Christianity getting introduced in village of Molungkimong (Deka Haimong). Lying in the Changkikong Range, there is a famous leechi tree which is believed to have been planted by the first American Missionary.

5. Chuchuyinlang Village

Chuchuyinlang Village
This village is an epitome of natural beauty and also renowned for glorious celebrations of various tribal festivals. The famous Moastu Festival lasts for 3 full days and commences of 1st May.

6. Caves

The caves of Peren, Fusen kei and Mongzu Ki are the well known yet unexplored caves of the region.

7. Moatsu Festival

Moatsu Festival
The Ao tribe of Nagaland celebrates the Moatsu festival with the idea of recreation and hope of a good harvest. It is celebrated after the sowing of seeds in the fields of the Ao people is complete, u (Read More)nnecessary greeneries are removed, and the houses are perfected with reconstruction. It means that the Moatsu festival is a festival of merrymaking observed after the traditional tiring works of the Ao tribe is complete for the year. The beginning of May is the time for the celebration of the Moatsu festival, and it is observed from the 1st of May, stretching the whole first week of the month. A traditional fire is set, and men and women of the Ao tribe gather around the fire to celebrate the festival.

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In addition to the elaborate Christmas and New Year festivities, the Ao people are also known for the exorbitant celebrations of a few other festivals. The major festival is the Harvesting Festival Tsungremong, celebrated immediately after the harvest of the crop (generally during the 1st week of August) and involves offering prayers, dances and songs to God. It is the biggest festival of the community. Moatsu is another festival that is celebrated on 2nd May for 3 days and to honour Lijaba- the creator of Earth and to pray for a fruitful cultivation season. The village animatedly comes alive during Moatsu. It is the festival of community bonding and friendship where villagers exchange gifts, feast, organize bonfires and socialise to make new friends. Christmas and New Year are also celebrated on a large scale, owing to the large population of the Christian population.

Art and Culture

Mokokchung is known as the ‘intellectual and cultural capital’ of Nagaland. Starting from its inception in the 19th century, through the whole of the 20th century and till the present date, people from Mokokchung have led the state of Nagaland in various fields of academics and culture. It is the birthplace of ‘Nagaland Idol’, a singing reality show based on the lines of the popular sing reality singing talent hunt ‘American Idol’. Nagaland Idol has the distinction of having garnered the highest TRP and record sales in Nagaland. Christianity is the most practised religion of the place with around 95% people have embraced it. The villagers have an inherited talent for arts and handicrafts. They have excellent skills in pottery, basketry, handloom and weaving, wood carving, wool spinning, metal works etc.

Aa Naga Tribe

The Mokokchung district of Nagaland is inhabited by the Ao Naga tribes. It is believed that they have wandered from Mongolia to Nagaland, through south-east Asia. After the arrival of Christian Missionaries in India, the Ao Naga was the first among the rest of the Naga tribes to convert to Christianity. Presently, almost 100 percent of the Naga population follows Christianity, the majority of them being Baptists. A lot of them have also undertaken Missionary work. Horticulture, forestry and agriculture are the more prominent professions of this tribe with Jhum cultivation being the popular method. According to folklore, the Ao Nagas are believed to have emerged from six stones which symbolize their forefathers. The stones are still intact at a location called Longterok, which means ‘six stones’. The village is inhabited by 5 clans- Pongener, Longkumer, Jamir Atsongchanger and Kechutzar. Marriage within the same clan is prohibited. Monogamy is practised and all clans are treated equally.

The Quaint Getaway

Not just Mokokchung, but a visit to a few nearby villages and towns can be a once in a lifetime experience for anyone planning to visit the place. The villages are associated with legends and stories and were once inhabited by dominant tribes of the region. Some member of the tribe still inhabit the village and are the witness to the beauty and the culture of the area.

Villages like Ungma, Molung, and Chuchuyinlang are the major villages near to the town of Mokukchung, which one should visit while on a trip. Various tribe festivals and rituals make these villages come to life, and you'll surely enjoy your time over there. A nearby village, Longkhum is known for its various cultural activities and artwork and thus can be a great visit for someone looking forward to visiting Mokokchung.

Suggested Itinerary for Mokokchung

Although we advise you to visit Mokokchung either during Christmas or New Year or during any one of their festivals, here is an itinerary if you happen to take a trip out of the occasion. The town of Mokokchung has a handful of tourist attractions. Drive from Dimapur airport to Mokokchung which is at a distance of about 208 km. The drive would take about 5 hours.

The place is likely to add a cultural overtone to your journey. Begin by visiting the abstract art and cultural museum.This museum exhibits the various artefacts of the Ao Naga Tribe such as weapons, clothing, jewellery, accessories, etc. Proceed to town central to shop for handwoven shawls. Spend some time in the Chuchuyimlang village and interact with the locals. You will find umpteen handcrafted goods to take as souvenirs. 

If you are not short on time and you can spare a few days, just simply relax in nature’s retreat. If possible, visit the Sunday mass at Mokokchung church and go for a picnic at the Town Park, just like olden days.

Best Time to Visit Mokokchung

How to Reach Mokokchung

How to Reach Overview

The nearest airports to Mokokchung are in Dimapur (located at a distance of 212 kilometres) and Jorhat (located at a distance of 105 kilometres). There are daily flights to these airports from Guwahati or Kolkata. The nearest railway station to Mokokchung is Mariani (Assam), 85 km from Mokochung. Mokokchung is well connected by road through the National Highway 61.

How to reach Mokokchung by flight

The nearest airport to the town of Mokukchung is Jorhat, located at a distance of approximately 110 km. A few flights operate from Kolkata and Guhwati to Jorhat, it being a small airport. Board any of this flight to reach Mokukchung further by booking a taxi or a cab.

How to reach Mokokchung by road

Travelling to Mokokchung by road can be a fun option. The town is connected to the National Highway 61, initially connecting Kohima (Nagaland) to Jhanji (Assam). The roads are well built and surrounded by greenery and scenic views all throughout the stretch. Book a taxi or drive your way through this beautiful city for a mesmerising experience. Many buses regularly operate from Guhwati, Jorhat and a few other neighbouring areas to Mokokchung. Board these if you want a cheaper travel option.

How to reach Mokokchung by train

The nearest railway station to Mokokchung is Mariani in Assam, located at a travel distance of about 85 km from the town. Trains from majorly all nearby cities and town commute to Mariani, after boarding which, you can take up the bus service or book a taxi to make it to Mokokchung.

Local transport in Mokokchung

Not a huge place, so commuting within the town is easy. One can walk or take cars on rent to roam around the area.

Mokokchung Photos

Mokokchung, Nagaland
Mokokchung (Tongpang's K)
mokokchung view from tower

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FAQs on Mokokchung

What is not so good about Mokokchung?

Being a small village, Mokokchung might run short on the facilities it offers to its visitors, including limited means of convenient travel and accommodation.

What are the places near Mokokchung?

The top places near to Mokokchung are Tuensang which is 31 km from Mokokchung, Sibsagar which is located 74 km from Mokokchung, Jorhat which is located 57 km from Mokokchung, Kaziranga national park which is located 108 km from Mokokchung, Mon which is located 68 km from Mokokchung

What are the things to do in Mokokchung?

The top things to do in Mokokchung are Longkhum, Ungma Village, Langpangkong Caves, Molung Village, Chuchuyinlang Village, Caves. You can see all the places to visit in Mokokchung here

What is the best way to reach Mokokchung?

The nearest airports to Mokokchung are in Dimapur (located at a distance of 212 kilometres) and Jorhat (located at a distance of 105 kilometres). There are daily flights to these airports from Guwahati or Kolkata. The nearest railway station to Mokokchung is Mariani (Assam), 85 km from Mokochung. Mokokchung is well connected by road through the National Highway 61.
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What is the local food in Mokokchung?

The district's restaurants offer a number of options for food from Indian, Chinese, Continental to local Naga cuisine, however street food should preferably be avoided. Also while the cuisine is rich, colourful and adventurous in its non-vegetarian dishes, the choices are somewhat limited in case of vegetarian food.
Various preparations of pork, bamboo shoots, chicken are popular. Also, since Nagaland is a dry state, it might not be easy to find alcoholic beverages here, however a local specialty, Rice beer is available and can be enjoyed at some joints.
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What is the best time to visit Mokokchung?

Located at the extreme eastern side of the subcontinent, Mokokchung has a temperature pattern characterised by the area. The monsoon experiences heavy rainfall, while other time of the year, the temperature range is moderate and pleasant. Winters and early summers might be your best pick to pay a visit to this beautiful place.
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Who should visit Mokokchung?

Anyone seeking a getaway in the lap of nature and relax away from the hustle bustle of the city, Mokokchung might be a suitable pick for the same. Ideal for people looking for offbeat travel destinations. 

What is famous about Mokokchung?

An offbeat destination. Untouched natural beauty. Fresh air and clean environment.

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