How To Reach Ramanagara

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How to Reach Ramanagara

Ramnagaram is located in the state of Karnataka and is well connected to nearby cities in South India by road and rail. This city does not have an airport and Bangalore is the closest airport. Ramnagaram is accessible all year round, and the Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments run buses to and from this city. Since it is an important temple town, the local transport within the city is also well developed. 

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How to reach Ramanagara by flight

Ramnagaram does not have an airport but is well connected to Bangalore, which is about 50 kilometres away by road. There are daily buses and trains to and from Bangalore, and some buses reach up to the airport. 

Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) - 71 kms from Ramanagara

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How to reach Ramanagara by road

The road network connecting Ramnagaram to other nearby cities is well developed, but it is convenient only for intra-state transport since longer distances take over 10 hours in which case railways are a better option. Bangalore is the closest metro city, and there are regular buses that operate between the two cities. Taxi service is less frequent, but if you have your own car, driving is also a good option. 

How to reach Ramanagara by train

Rail transport is very well developed, and this city is connected to most major cities in India by rail. The southern cities are located at a distance of 12 to 14 hours by train, all of which pass through Bangalore since that is the closest junction. 

Local transport in Ramanagara

You can hire cabs in Ramnagaram. There are various car rentals and cab bookings available.

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