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Food of Playa del Carmen

There are a lot of traditional Mayan dishes you can try out to get an authentic gastronomic experience in Playa. You'll need to ditch the main tourist area to look for restaurants offering local dishes, such as Pibil (made of chicken or pork), poc chuc (grilled pork marinated in orange), Molletes (bread with beans, cheese and veggies) and Churros (a fried snack). Other than these, you can always please your tummy with popular Mexican food, such as tacos, tortillas, tamales, etc.

Food for Indians in Playa del Carmen

Curry Omm is the only known Indian restaurant in Playa. A number of restaurants are dedicated to vegetarian and vegan diners. The ones which top the list are- Clorofila Restaurant, La Senda Vegana Restaurant, Balche Playa and Bio Organicos.

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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