Food of Puerto Rico

For any food lover, Puerto Rico is just an amazing place to be. The local food on the island is full of flavour, using all kinds of sea foods and meats. The fine dining restaurants of the city have seen an influx of European and American chefs, which has lead to the creation of some amazing vibrant dishes. Restaurants like Pikayo and Aquaviva in San Juan are a good example of this. The Puerto Rican food gets most of its flavours from a blend of herbs, called abodo and sofrito, and most of their most popular foods are friends and savoury. There are also severa types of stews, and beef is used frequently in dishes. That being said, Arroz con pollo is a chicken dish you should definitely try.

Food for Indians in Puerto Rico

There are very few Indian restaurants in Puerto Rico and all of them are in San Juan. Pani Agua (Rafael Cordero), Mumbai Indian Cuisine (Ave. Fernandez Juncos) and Bangkok and Bombay (Ave De Diego) are the only known Indian places on the island. Vegetarian restaurants can be found all over Puerto Rico, though in the local cuisines only.

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