Food of Bahamas

Essentially a cluster of islands, Bahamas is mostly known for its traditional sea food and beverages. The typical Bahamian cuisine includes rock lobsters, Johnny cakes, Bahamian stew fish, baked crab and Pigeon peas and rice. Being an international tourist destination, you can rest assured that you can find any type of food here. But while you're here, give your taste buds a chance to discover Bahamian cuisine. It's spicy and uniquely flavoured. One can give a try to the famous local cold beverages like a Kalik or Sands, a Bahama mama, or Goombay Smash. There is this cocktail named Sky Juice made from coconut water blended with sweet milk and gin. And donÍt forget to try Switcher, a refreshing drink made from native limes. Seafood is the daily food in Bahamians life. delicacies made of Lobster, Crabs are enjoyed and loved by many locals and visitors. People here love land crabs and the Bahamian rock lobster. They have special desire for fresh fish, especially boiled fish served with grits. Many dishes here are served with pigeon peas and rice mixed with spices, tomatoes and onions.

Food for Indians in Bahamas

Being the perfect tourist hub, Bahamas offers a variety of international cuisines. Indian restaurants like Taj Mahal, and Euro-Tandoor Indian restaurant are extremely enjoyed by the locals, Indians and other foreigners. Purely vegetarian restaurants are also there including Carmine's, China Beach and Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin.

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