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Jebel Akhdar, Nizwa Overview

Comprising of mostly desert and limestone, Jebel Akhdaris also called the Green Mountain due to its shrubs and trees that grow because of the 300mm precipitation it receives every year. One of the most popular tourist places in Oman, Jebel Akhdar is famous for its fruit orchards, date plantations and walnut cultivation has a distinct fragrance of rose water which is distilled to the homes in the villages nearby. Jebel Akhdar is a pleasant trip which rewards all of your senses!

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Hiking At Jebel Akhdar

Many tour operators offer hikes around the region so that tourists can explore the mountains. During the hike, if you're lucky you'll be able to see some animals and also visit some local families. Moreover, you can explore all the abandoned houses along the mountains, and see the beautiful agriculture on the slopes of the mountain range. You could also hike to Jebel Shams, the highest point in Oman. 

Commuting Within Jebel Akhdar

It is best to go up to the mountain range with a four-wheel drive. If you do not have one, your hotels will be able to arrange a driver to take you up to the mountain range for the day.

Hotels Near Jebel Akhdar

There are great hotels near the mountain range where you can stay. Here are the best options to stay here: 

Luxury Hotels:

1. Alila Jebel Akhdar: It is a beautiful hotel which offers you gorgeous mountain views from your bedroom and also constitutes a restaurant and spa. It is a 4.5-star hotel and offers you a great stay!

2. Anantara Al Jebel Al Akhdar Resort: This is a 5-star hotel with an infinity pool, outdoor cinema and various restaurants.

Budget Hotels in Jebel Akhdar:

  1. Golden Tulip Nizwa
  2. Jebel Akhdar Hotel
  3. Nizwa Hotel Apartments
  4. Alkaram Hotel Apartments

Shopping At Jebel Akhdar

There are no shopping places close to Jebel Akhdar. However, if you're staying in Nizwa you can explore the Nizwa Souq, and buy the famous "Khanjar" souvenir. They are handcrafted silver daggers which are extremely popular in Nizwa. Nizwa Souq also has a lot of unique antiques which you can buy as souvenirs.

Food At Jebel Akhdar

For food, you will have to travel a bit to the centre of Nizwa. If you would like to try the local foods, you can try the restaurant Bin Ateeq, they are known for tasty Omani food. At Bin Ateeq, you will be seated on the floor, traditional Omani style and food will be served in huge portions. Some famous Omani food tourists enjoy are Majboos, Mushaltat, Kahwa, Halwa and of course the famous Omani dates.

There are also Indian restaurants in Nizwa. A very popular restaurant which serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is called Spicy Village.

Nightlife At Jebel Akhdar

There is no nightlife in or surrounding Jebel Akhdar. If you're staying at luxurious hotels, they may serve alcohol if they have a license. It is illegal to drink in public, so if you wish to drink, please do so in a private area. A few hotels with bars in Nizwa are Golden Tulip, Majan Guest House and Safari Hotel.

Tips For Visiting Jebel Akhdar

  • Make sure to check the weather before you go because the roads up to the mountain range may be unsafe and slippery when it's raining. Moreover, it is best if you go up there with a four-wheel drive.
  • Two-wheel drives aren't cut out for the steep climbs.
  • Take some drinks and snacks with you as there are close to no options when you get further and further up the mountain range.

How To Reach Jebel Akhdar

The best way to reach Jebel Akhdar is to fly to Muscat International Airport and drive to Jebel Akhdar from there.

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