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What is the best time to visit Nagarkot?

The best time to visit Nagarkot are during the Spring months of March, April, and early Winters of October, November. The climate is pleasant in spring, and the hills look very pretty with the most colourful flowers in full bloom. You can enjoy activities like hiking and paragliding to the fullest during these months. May-September is the summer in Nagarkot, and the heat will make outdoor activities a little difficult. There are sometimes heavy rainfall as well which makes it tough to stay there as a tourist. November-February are the winter months in Nagarkot, and the temperature starts to drop rapidly. There’s a lot of mist and fog because of the heightened humidity all year round. During the evening and night, the visibility gets reduced and touring out at this hour might seem a little problematic.

Weather in Nagarkot


Upcoming Nagarkot Weather

Monthly Weather in Nagarkot

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 4° 6 days
February 17°/ 5° 7 days
March 21°/ 8° 11 days
April 22°/ 10° 17 days
May 27°/ 15° 11 days
June 26°/ 17° 28 days
July 23°/ 16° 31 days
August 25°/ 17° 31 days
September 23°/ 15° 28 days
October 23°/ 12° 10 days
November 22°/ 9° 2 days
December 17°/ 4° 2 days

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