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Vasind, Mumbai Overview

Vasind is an upcoming town of Maharashtra located on the banks of River Bhatsa and enveloped by hills. The dainty township is just 60 kms away from Mumbai and is well connected to the metro city through Vasind Railway Station and Mumbai Suburban Railway System. Popular for its well architectured temples, verdant green hills and beautiful hills, Vasind also has an established market, proper sanitation facilities, and adequate water supply. Hence most people scutter from the crowded metro city to spend some time amidst nature exploring the ruins of old fortresses and trekking their ways up the forest and the hills.

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Hotels and Resorts

One of the best accommodation options here, located within one kilometre of Vasind Market, is the Nisarg Garden Resort. The property boasts a lovely garden and a water park within its premises, along with deluxe rooms. Another great option at organic living will be Srushti Farms Resort. Along with lovely green surroundings, the property offers an array of activity opportunities like outdoor pool, kid’s playground, a garden and a games room.

Mahuli Farms Agro and Ecotourism is yet another property for organic living. There are options for camping and a lovely vegetarian breakfast is served here as part of the package. Other than these, there are many other OYO residencies that you can choose from, like Sai Residency, Diamond Foodway, Hotel Parivar Garden and more.

Things to do when in Vasind

1. Camping

When in Vasind, don't forget to camp. You will find numerous campsites and groups offering camping activities alongside the River Bhatsa. Here we have covered for you one of the most popular campsite of the area. Campglamp in Vasind offers a perfect camping experience on the riverside. Other than the jaw dropping beautiful locale with woods at a vicinity, hills in the backdrop and the river flowing in hindsight, this camping experience is surely going to stay with you for a long long time. Besides the plethora of leisure and adventure activities that they have to offer, the most popular ones are kayaking, jeep safari, barbeque, sleeping under the stars, trekking, swimming, tent pitching etc.

2. Trekking

The hills around Vasind make for a perfect trekking trail. You can either set out on your own and explore your way through the forest or you can hire a local professional from the village to accompany you. In either case, be very careful, keep close to the trek and preferably start and come back in the daylight. Your way up the hills is surely going to be one of the most scenic treks of your life with the gorgeous valley and blooming flowers. Time your descent such that you witness the mesmerising sunset on your way down.

3. Exploring the local villages

Vasind is enclosed by a lot of tiny villages like Bhatsai,Pali popular for Jindal Power Station and Sarmal which is the most tidy and neat village in the area. Cycle your way down to these areas. Indulge in tasting some local cuisines, interact with the people and come back with new experiences and new memories.

4. Kayaking

River Bhatsa flowing Vasind offers ideal kayaking opportunities. Take a tour of the river on the canoe-like boat and view the township through the river. This activity gives you the much needed adrenaline rush and iis best suited for all you adventure enthusiasts out there.

5. Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is one of the popular activities in the area. A lot of camping sites offer jeep safaris for tourists both independently or combined with the overnight camping stay. Take up this opportunity to witness the rich wildlife and diverse flora and fauna of Vasind.

Places to see in and around Vasind

1. Mahuli Fort

Located at a distance of 8 kms from Vasind, Mahuli Fort is the most popular attraction of the place. Originally believed to have been under the territory of Shahaji Raje, father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the fort has now been declared as a protected monument. The fort is replete with cliff and ideal trekking points and is largely popular amoun mountain climbers and adventure enthusiasts. Besides, there is an open perennial water cistern at the top and a tiny Shiva temple at the base. A stone arch gateway welcomes you to the place which is famously called ?Kalyan Darwaza? although the dome of the gate has been broken now. The mountain complex is the highest point in all of Thane district.

Mahuli Fort

2. Manas Mandir

Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandir Tirtha or locally known as Manas Mandir is located around 10 kms from Vasind and is a popular Jain pilgrimage spot. The magnificent temple complex is perched atop a hill with the river running on the side. The temple has been excellently designed and created out of red sandstone and white marble. The images and lot of the interiors have been made out of brass and copper. Besides being a revered place of worship, the temple is also visited by tourists owing to its exceptional beauty and mesmerising location.

Manas Mandir

3. Mukta Jeevan

Mukta Jeevan Ashram is also situated in Vasind which is a non-profit, non- government organization working for the relief and rehabilitation of women. You can visit the ashram and donate some clothes, utilities or money for charity.

4. Khativali Canal

Khativali Canal can be reached through a small trekking trail near Vasind. The mesmerising view at the canal, with the emerald green hills in the backdrop and several streams flowing through it, is beyond description. The top also offers a magnificent view of the village. The area remains dry during summers although you can still visit for birdwatching and general nature exploring.

5. Swami Samarth Math

Swami Samarth Math is basically a meditation centre situated at a short distance from Vasind. You can take a local jeep from the main town to reach the destination in 15 minutes. The place is popular for stunning sunrise and sunset views.

6. Gajanan Maharaj Ashram

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram has a beautiful temple in the midst of the building. Every Thursday numerous devotees visit the temple to pay respect to Shri Gajanan Maharaj. The ashram is super hygienic, well kept and spotlessly clean. The place also offers good quality food at very nominal rates.

Best Time To Visit Vasind

The best time to visit Vasind will be in monsoons or immediately after it as many waterfalls in and around the area are rain fed and tend to dry up in the summers. However, in the monsoons you can witness these in all their glory and splendour.

How To Reach Vasind

The nearest airport to Vasind is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Vasind has its own railway station. It is also connected to Mumbai through Mumbai Suburban Railway System so you can take a train from Mumbai. If not, local buses also ply frequently in the area and you can choose to travel in one of them.

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