Domain du Chasseur Game Park and Reserve

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Domain du Chasseur Game Park and Reserve, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius, a pearl in the Indian Ocean, is a place of natural and exquisite beauty. You are greeted by pristine emerald colored waters, white sandy beaches, and tall palm trees the moment you set foot in the country. It is rightly said, God first created Mauritius and then created Heaven. The inland area is no less, consisting of a luxurious landscape. The country brims with 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants and shopping brands, making sure your stay remain top class.

Because of its isolation from the world, Mauritius is as peaceful as it can get. This is also the reason why the wildlife here is less diverse with endemic species that are found naturally here. This provides you with a chance to get real close to Mother Nature. This can be perfectly done on tour to Le Domaine du Chasseur, a 1000-acre wildlife reserve and one of the last aboriginal forests on the island.

Domaine du Chasseur Game Park And Reserve

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Things to Do

Located high in the hills, amidst lush green spice plants and palm trees, and other vegetation such revenala, ebony, wild orchids, eucalyptus, and other native tropical flora, this adorable native forest is a significant habitat for many rare and endemic species.

The Mauritian Kestrel, Pink Pigeon, and Mauritius Parakeet, as well as more common species such as the Zebra Dove, Mauritius Cuckoo Shrike, and Mauritius Grey White-Eye, are few of the many eye-catching species you will come across when in the area. You are also likely to spot hares, monkeys, wild boars, and other common wild animals, who have been reared here since life came into being on this island.

Domaine du Chasseur Game Park And Reserve

The reserve has gained popularity amongst tourists, especially backpackers and trekkers in a lookout for a hike. Here, visitors can explore a 30 km stretch of nature trails in the woods, which run past breathtaking waterfalls and scenic spots worth some camera clicks, where you can also unwind and breath in the fresh air.

Things to Do at Domaine du Chasseur Game Park And Reserve

The area also provides with a panoramic view of the island and coastline. This can be enjoyed from the highest parts of the reserve. In the mood for some adventure? Quad biking, Mountain biking, and similar activities are also available in the park. After all, some exercise and fun also call for a hearty meal which can be enjoyed at the Domaine du Chasseur restaurant.

Domaine du Chasseur provides delicious dishes for your mouth and splendid views of the lagoons for your eyes. The place serves a wide range of seafood. Combine that with the Mauritian rum, and you're all set for the evening.

Domaine du Chasseur Game Park And Reserve

Activities at the park

One of the most intriguing things about the reserve is that in addition to a reserve, it also turns into a game park as it allows hunting, as the name implies. Continuing with the history, the most common target you will find here is the deer. But fret not, as wild boar hunting is also feasible if you are looking for some change.

You should keep in mind that with respect to sustainable harvest, hunting here is allowed till only a limit to keep the number of deer from falling to a critical level. For reference, about 400 deer must be removed annually to be par with the standards maintained in the hunting grounds. The surplus deer go to hunting grounds. So if you are a hunting enthusiast and it's your lucky day, you might get to shoot some more.

All hunting materials, including guns and ammunition, are provided by the property, and you will be under the supervision of a guide throughout the time you are in the park. So make sure you follow the rules and regulations and stay away from trouble. While the dead animals remain the properties of the park, the hunters get to choose their prizes. The domain also provides taxidermy and freight.

Domaine du Chasseur Game Park And Reserve

Hunting at the Park

Located on the south-east side of the island, Le Domaine du Chasseur, which translates to Hunter's Domain is a private nature reserve and old hunting ground nestled in the hills at Anse Jonchée. As the Dutch came on the shore along with their animals about 300 years ago, they introduced the Java deer to this part of the island. The Dutch left soon after, but the deer happily settled here, creating hunting opportunities for people. This is indeed true. Earlier there were private hunting parties hosted by the richest on the island.

But times have changed. A more strict and educated government then turned the park into what now promotes eco-tourism. This is the ideal place for nature lovers as the reserve targets "green" tourists and nature enthusiasts who know and appreciate the importance of wildlife conservation.

Not a fan of hunting? Don't worry, for there are other activities that you can be part of. The other events include big game fishing, archery, target shooting, small line fishing, and a few more. The reserve has also made bed and breakfast arrangements. There are four thatched bungalows located in the vicinity where people can stay overnight. Ideal for those who want to party after an excellent hunting day.

Head over to Domaine du Chasseur Game Park and Reserve to marvel at the beautiful views of Indian Ocean, support Mauritius' efforts to conserve biodiversity and wildlife, while also legally indulging in hunting and other thrilling activities. Call it a day by heading over to the Domaine du Chasseur restaurant for a drink or two and spend the night under the stars at the bungalows. This tour is indeed a perfect way to cherish the beauty of Mauritius’ landscapes and wildlife.

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