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One tree hill point, Matheran Overview

One Tree Hill point in Matheran is one of the most scenic viewpoints in Maharashtra. It is named so because it has just one tree growing on top of the hill. The one tree hill viewpoint affords a panoramic and unobstructed view of the deep valleys and stretching forests that surround the hill station of Matheran. It is also famous for trekking.

A gentle trek up to the hilltop offers a mesmerising view of the surrounding tourist spots of Tent Hill and Chowk Village. Shivaji's Ladder Road marks the way downhill from this site, and you can enjoy the scenic beauty on the way down as well. This place is a quaint destination to relax and unwind in the midst of nature.

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Trekking to One Tree Hill Point

Trekking to the One Tree Hill Point is an adventure one must go for once. It is a perfect way spend time with family and friends while connecting with nature. It starts at the base village, Ambewadi. Here, you can find a local guide who will explain to you, in detail, about the history of the region, the specialties, etc. The guide, if desired, will accompany you throughout the trek to familiarize you with the surroundings- the crops that grow in the region, the different landscapes, etc. The funny thing is, even though you can see the One Tree Hill point from the base village of Ambewadi, the point almost disappears throughout the way and reappears only when you're a few minutes away from it.

In this case, the journey is truly the destination, because the entire trek route is equally beautiful as the destination's view. The climb is surrounded by the vast Morbe Dam that sparkles under the gentle sunshine. As one ascends the hilly terrain, everything under starts appearing smaller and smaller, 2700 feet up in the air. Legend says that the great Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj climbed Matheran through this very trail, and hence the steps are called 'Shivaji Steps'.

The trek will slowly lead you into a path into the forest amongst the dense trees sheltering the path with its comforting shadows. The cool breeze ruffling the bushes and the dry leaves crunching under your steps; tiny birds playfully chirping around and faint sound of beetles and crickets in the background- this time spent in the laps of the nature will rejuvenate and relax you to the core.

A small Ganesha Temple marks the beginning of the climb to the One Tree Hill point. The steps are a little rocky, but are not something to worry about. Finally, about 2-3 hours into the trek, you will arrive at the One Tree Hill point! You can see the tiny village of Matheran underneath and the wall that surrounds the hill station too. If you go further, adventure organizers have arranged for a thrilling activity of Valley-Crossing from the One Tree Hill point to the wall of Matheran. It is truly an adrenaline filled experience to enjoy.

What to carry on the trek
A comfortable back pack that holds-
-Sunglasses and cap
-A full outfit of spare clothes
-Mosquito repellant and sun-block
-Lots of water (minimum 4 litres)
-Small packs of nutritional food
-Energy drinks and personal medicine

-Make sure you wear a pair of comfortable cotton clothes that allows your skin to breathe.
-The shoes you wear to the trek must ensure maximum grip and comfort.
-It is best to start the trek latest by 10:00 PM to fully enjoy it before the afternoon heat kicks in.
-Carry or find a make-shift trekking stick that will help you during your climb.


How to Reach One tree hill point

It is a 45-minute walk from the Matheran Railway Station. The road is uneven, paved with small stone. So, care must be taken while traversing this path. Alternatively, you can also ride on a pony to the One Tree Hill Point. The pony ride is a little expensive so makes sure to properly bargain before hiring a pony.


1. Beware of the monkeys at Matheran. Do not dangle any food in front of them. Otherwise, they are entirely harmless.
2. The resident locals are a very trustworthy and honest people- you can trust them with your baggage or other belongings without hesitation during the day or the night. If you are stuck at any point of time on any route, don't be afraid to ask for help.
3. The trek to the top of the hill is not recommended for the elderly.

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