Dune Barr is a 170 Year Old British Bungalow in the Hills in Matheran Perfect For a Memorable Weekend Getaway!

The Dune Barr resort gives its guests the phenomenal experience of living in this hill-resort housed in a 170 years old heritage building from the British Era. Known for their luxurious take on resorts, the Dune Group has made their brand quite evident in this resort within the forests of Matheran. 

Stay Options at the Dune Barr Resort

Currently, the Dune Barr has 11 beautiful rooms named after British coloniser families who were once in India. The comfort of the Dune Barr tempts guests to stay for more than just one night! This rustic and sustainable accommodation is equipped with modern-day amenities, but with a twist. This property refrains from using air conditioners and TVs, instead they use solar power to heat their water. 

1. Elphinstone Heritage Suite

Price Per Night: INR 10,875
This luxurious and spacious suite is situated on the right side of the main building. In addition to the main room, the suite also has a kids’ area and a drawing-room. This antique suite also houses three comfortable beds and a seating corner in the main room. With a pool view from the room, guests also get access to the private garden. Hot water is available along with organic toiletries and clean towels.

2. Heritage Superior Rooms

Price Per Night: INR 8,499
Another antique-decored accommodation within the resort, the Heritage Superior Rooms houses some exciting furniture. In addition to a balcony providing a scenic mountain view, the room also has a seating area here. With a bathroom providing hot water and organic toiletries, the suite also has an extra-large double bed with a super comfortable superior mattress. 

3. Heritage Rooms

Price Per Night: INR 5,400 
The Heritage rooms are the most affordable option at Dune Barr. In addition to a luxurious and comfortable double bed with fantastic room service and regular linen changes, the decor and ambience are quite comforting and visually soothing. Heritage rooms also have a garden in the vicinity, which can be viewed from the room. The bathroom here is well-equipped with modern amenities. The room charges are inclusive of a continental breakfast. 

Note: Smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms present in the Dune Barr Resort. The place also does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.  

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Food and Private Dinner at the Dune Barr

Dune Barr House
The Dune Barr House is especially known for their in-house restaurant, The Verandah In The Forest. They serve an experimental cuisine consisting of European fusion dishes and also heritage dishes of the Parsis and the Bohras. The resort also arranges private dinners on request in addition to availing room service. 

The food here is prepared using fresh ingredients sourced from their organic farms. They even make their own bread and jam, and their delightful pastries are baked in the restaurant itself. The restaurant also encourages guests to have a chat with the chef; he can also show you around the kitchen. 

What Else Can You Do at Dune Barr

Dune Barr House
The resort has a well-maintained garden with several seating areas.  You could also request them to arrange picnics for the whole family. If interested, visitors can also participate in cooking classes, themed dinner nights, walking tour or trekking tours either at the resort or via Dune Barr. The resort also provides Yoga classes as a wellness program. Kids get to enjoy the indoor play area, and they can also choose from an array of books and DVDs. 

How to Reach Dune Barr

Dune Barr House
Address: District Raigarh, Charlotte Lake Road, Matheran, Maharashtra
Reach Dasturi to enter the Matheran forested area after taking your tickets. The Dune Barr House is about 4.7 KM from Dasturi. People driving down will have to park them in the parking area provided in Dasturi. 

Via Flight
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Mumbai Airport is the closest airport, which is about 43 KM from the resort. Guests can then book a car to reach Matheran henceforth.

Via Train
Those taking the train would have to get off at the Neral junction and avail the 107-year-old toy train plying between Dasturi and Matheran. From the Matheran station, Dune Barr is a 10-minute walk to the resort.

Alternate Modes
You could also avail a shuttle or a rickshaw or even a horse to get to the resort! 

Things to Do in and Around the Resort

Although, the location of Dune Barr Resort, helps you to stay amongst the forests, you are never away from the main attractions of Matheran. The sunset point is about 2.1 KM from the resort, and Charlotte Lake is just 0.3 KM away. The Matheran Forest is a fantastic place for hikes, walks and horse rides. The region is also a haven for bird watchers. There are quite a bit of shopping options around Dune Barr as well. 

Enjoy your stay at the Dune Barr House Resort at Matheran to experience life in a heritage forest house. When are you heading to the Dune Barr Resort? Have you been here before? Let us know in the comments below!

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