Things to Do in Matheran for Both the Travellers and the Adventurers


Top things to do in Matheran

Matheran is a quaint hill station in Maharashtra popular for its innumerous vantage points, mountains peaks, sweeping views of the valleys and meandering rivers. Besides, soaking the serenity and solitude of the place, there are several activities and things to do in Matheran. From Rock Climbing to Trekking to Nature Gazing, there is no dearth of things to do in Matheran. You can visit the gorgeous waterfalls or trek to the magnanimous forts or just relax in the lap of nature. Choose from the elaborate list of things to do in Matheran given below.

Here is the list of 17 Things to Do in Matheran for Both the Travellers and the Adventurers

1. Watch the View from Louisa Point

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One of the prime things to do in Matheran is visiting the Louisa Point which offers spectacular views of the meandering rivers and valley below. Situated on a large plateau area, you can also spot the mighty Vishalgad and Prabalgad forts from the vantage point. Besides the wonderful backdrop and exciting environment, the place is also an ideal picnic spot and attracts a large tourist influx all through the year.

2. Picnic by the Picturesque Charlotte Lake

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Also known as the Sharlott lake, the Charlotte Lake is one of the most spectacular attractions of Matheran. Located only a walking distance away from the main market area, this lake is the primary source of fresh drinking water for the population of Matheran. The origin of the lake is a dam, which overflows when it rains and forms a pristine little waterfall to form the shimmering lake in monsoon. While Charlotte Lake is an ideal quick retreat for those who seek silence in the lap of nature, it is also a perfect spot for the campers and picnickers. Visiting here is one of the topmost things to do in Matheran.

3. Trek Up the Shivaji's Ladder

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Shivaji's Ladder is a flight of steps signifying a ladder at the One Tree Hill Point in Matheran and is one of the must visit destinations in the hill town. It is not just a road leading to the vantage but it is a complete tourist spot in its own, offering sweeping views of the mountains and the valleys and the verdant forests. Trekking up this road is one of the best things to do in Matheran and you should definitely take up this activity, especially if you are an adventure enthusiast.

4. Witness the Mighty Mountain Ranges from One Tree Hill Point

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One Tree Hill point in Matheran can be called one of the most scenic points in the entire state of Maharashtra. The One Tree Hill point is, as the name suggests, a point where there exists only one standing tree; but the real reason this point is a must visit spot is because of its immense natural beauty. A tree blossoming atop a lush green hill which is enveloped by dense forests of varying shades of green is indeed a sight to lose yourself in. Standing at this point, one has an access to a panoramic and unobstructed view of the deep valleys and stretching forests that surround the hill station of Matheran. Climbing up here is one of the top things to do in Matheran.

5. Be Awed by the Beauty of Dhodani Waterfalls

Dhodani Waterfalls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls situated in Matheran. A popular picnic spot among both the locals and the tourists, the waterfalls also has the option for several water sports, the most popular of which is waterfall rappelling. If you are an adventure enthusiast, this is one activity that you should definitely try while you are here. It is one of the popular things to do in Matheran.

6. Experience the Thrills of Rock Climbing

Replete with innumerous vantage points and mighty mountain peaks, Rock Climbing is one of the top activities and things to do in Matheran. You can avail the opportunity near Louisa Point, Alexander Point, Prabal Fort and Shivaji Ladder etc. One of the most thrilling adventure sport, this one is sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

7. Enjoy a Mesmerising Sunset from Porcupine Point

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The vantage point is also known as the Sunset Point as it offers mesmerising views of the sunset in the mountains. Close to the point is Prabalgad fort which can be seen from here. Enveloped in green woods and picturesque surroundings, the place is a common favourite among the localites and tourites alike. If you are an adventure enthusiast, be sure to include visiting here in your list of top things to do in Matheran.

8. Enjoy a Ride on Neral Matheran Toy Train

Neral Matheran Toy Train is a heritage railway that connects Neral to Matheran via a 21 kilometre railway line. It is a two feet narrow gauge railway built by Adamjee Peerbhoy in early 1900 and is now run by the Central Railways. It serves as an interesting mode of transport to explore the Western Ghats of India. When in Matheran, you absolutely have to try a ride on this train. This is one of the topmost things to do in Matheran.

9. Explore the Ruins of the Prabal Fort

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While only the remains and ruins of the structure can be seen, this one find itself wrapped in a fain historic charm. The for had itself captured by Shivaji Maharaj from the Mughals. Enveloped in beautiful surroundings, the fort offers sweeping views of the mountains, valleys and rivers. Besides, it boasts of picturesque sunrise and sunset views. Visiting the fort is one of the top things to do in Matheran.

10. Offer Prayers at Ambarnath Temple

Ambarnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built in 1060. The temple complex has a stark resemblance to the Dilwara Temples located in Mount Abu. The stunning architecture of the temple complex is a treat to the eyes. The annual festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the temple.

11. Climb Up to the Panorama Point

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As the name suggests, this scenic point offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Western Ghats and the verdant plains dotted with villages far below. An ideal picnic spot, this place is comparatively less crowded than other points in Matheran as it requires one to trek. Panorama Point is a magnet for photo fanatic and adventure seekers. If you are an adventure enthusiast, be sure to include visiting here in your list of top things to do in Matheran.

12. Shop Your Heart Out at the Local Markets

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While here, one can shop for leather items, Kolhapuri footwear, Chikki, honey and simple handicraft items here. One can head to the Mall road for their shopping spree. Market browsing is one of the prime things to do in Matheran. You can pick small knick knacks and souvenirs to take back home.

13. Visit the Monkeys at Monkey Point

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The Monkey Point of Matheran is located in the state of Maharashtra. This unique destination overlooks a beautiful scenery of the Western Ghats and its intimidating mountains and deep gorges. As the name suggests, this place is often frequented by gangs of monkeys. This destination also has abundant quantities of indigenous flora and fauna and makes up for an interesting way to learn about the local weather and vegetation. You can also experience the phenomenon of echoing here if you shout out into the mountains while facing the Hart Cliff.

14. Give a Shout Out at the Echo Point

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Located in the state of Maharashtra, Matheran is a quaint hill station famous for its scenic beauty. An eco-sensitive destination, it is the only automobile-free hill station in the continent. As the name suggests, this photogenic point is famous for the reverberations and echoes it generates. In addition to this phenomenon, this destination is also famous for its natural virgin beauty. Engulfed in a fluffy blanket of cotton clouds, the Echo Point of Matheran is an unlikely physics lesson with its real life illustrations of the acoustics of echoing. Visiting here is one of the top touristy things to do in Matheran.

15. Trek Up to Irshalgad Fort

Built at an elevation of 3500 feet, Irshalgad Fort is the sister fort of Prabalgad Fort. It was constructed during the Bahmani Sultanate. The attraction is surrounded by dense forestation and has several thrilling trekking trails. The Irshalgad pinnacle also serves as a perfect spot for mountaineering. The panoramic view of the Western Ghats from the top of the attraction is worth the visit. One of the topmost things to do in Matheran is trekking to the vantage point and watching the beautiful view from up there.

16. Natural Retreat at Alexander Point

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Tucked away into the quaint lap of nature, the Alexander Point is a beautiful valley flourishing with natural scenic beauty. The emerald greenery and peaceful aura of this place are a breath of fresh air, in both literal and figurative sense. This site also offers enchanting panoramic views of the surrounding destinations such as Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point and Chowk Point. It is a famous attraction for beating the heat and enjoying the cool weather of Matheran. Alexander Point is the perfect place catch the glimpses of Matheran's verdant skyline. This is also a haven for adventure enthusiasts to explore the hidden trekking alleys in this mesmerising hill station.

17. Witness a Bird's Eye View from Mount Barry

Mount Barry has the highest altitude in Matheran and offers a spectacular birdês eye view of the Western Ghats, the waterfalls and the toy train traversing through the rugged natural landscape. It is one of the few points that are not mostly crowded and provide for a tranquil escape for the tired soul. If you are an adventure enthusiast, be sure to include visiting here in your top list of things to do in Matheran.

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