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Charlotte lake, Matheran Overview

Also known as the Sharlott lake, the Charlotte Lake is one of the most spectacular attractions of Matheran. An offbeat hill station in Maharashtra, Matheran mainly has some vantage points with views of the lovely green valleys, but Charlotte Lake is a spellbinding spot of its own. Located only a walking distance away from the main market area, this lake is the primary source of fresh drinking water for the population of Matheran. The origin of the lake is a dam, which overflows when it rains and forms a pristine little waterfall to form the shimmering lake in monsoon.

A visit to Matheran is incomplete without witnessing the tranquil beauty of Lake Charlotte. For the believers, the lake has an archaic temple of Lord Shive - Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir and for the explorers and nature lovers at heart, all Charlotte has to offer is the charming ambience of the tarn itself and the bountiful emerald green all around. It will not disappoint the birdwatchers either.

While Charlotte Lake is an ideal quick retreat for those who seek silence in the lap of nature, it is also a perfect spot for the campers and picnickers. However, they must remember the importance of this place for the people of Matheran as well as for nature and keep their exploits to the least possible.

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Things To Do at Charlotte Lake

Visit Pisharnath Mahadev Temple
The ancient Shiva temple is located on the left bank of the lake. The deity of the temple, the Pisharnath form of the Lord Destroyer is considered to be the gramadevata or village deity of the area. Visitors come to this temple with great respect and devotion as the Pisharnath Mandir is the oldest one in Matheran.

A unique aspect of the temple is its shivalingam, which unlike the usual black ones, is smeared with vermillion here and is tilted to one said. The locals believe that the lingam is swayambhu or self-manifested. If you come for a trip to Charlotte Lake, you can also pay a visit to this temple, especially if you are spiritual-minded. Being located beside the lake, the surroundings of the temple is extremely pacific.  

Large water bodies always attract a variety of avian species, and Lake Charlotte is no exception. Varied species of birds, both domestic and migratory flock over the peaceful lake for a quick dip of the feathers or for the day's meal or simply to perch atop a piece of greenery. Lake Charlotte thus provides ample opportunity for an avian photographer or a nature enthusiast to have a glimpse of these exotic creatures from close quarters.

Camping and Picnicking
Lake Charlotte is the number one spot for camping and picnicking. Secluded and serene, the bank of the lake is all enveloped in an eye and mind soothing green all around. Thus, it sets the perfect backdrop for a day of barbecuing and chatting and a night of drinking and singing. There are some campsites around the lake region which will provide you a place and tents along with washroom and cooking facilities for overnight camping.

Watching sunset
During sunset, the day's farewell reflects in the poignant waters of the lake in bright orange, making the place look like a paradise. It will be a shame if you miss this out-of-the-world scene.

Best Time To Visit Charlotte lake

Lake Charlotte is in its full majestic form during the monsoon, when like all other South Indian rain-fed water bodies, the showers fill the lake up to the brim. However, monsoon can spoil bird watching or outdoor camping sessions as well. So, the ideal time is just immediately after the monsoon, during October-November.

Tips For Visiting Charlotte lake

1. Since the lake serves as a source of drinking water for Matheran, don't try to take a bath or wash anything in the lake. It is forbidden.
2. Definitely, do not throw or drop anything in the lake either for the same reason.
3. Do not leave behind any scraps after you are done camping or picnicking.
4.  Spend some time taking in the beauty of the lake with your eyes and mind and keep your mobile cameras and DSLRs away. Pictures all look the same, and it is your memory that matters.
5. There are a lot of monkeys at this point. Beware of them. Don't eat anything in front of them (they tend to snatch the food) and don't disturb or mock them.

How To Reach Charlotte lake

Any sort of motor-driven vehicle is not allowed in Matheran. You can take a bus or private car up to Dasturi car point from where you will need a horseback ride or a man-pulled rickshaw to ferry you to your hotel in Matheran or directly to the lake if you want. Within Matheran, horses, cycle rickshaws and your own two feet are the only means of transport for you.

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