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Also Refered As:

Moluccas Islands

"The Spice Islands"

Maluku Islands Tourism

Maluku islands or Moluccas is an Indonesian archipelago known for their palm beaches and volcanoes. The islands are located east of Sulawesi and west of New Guinea and north of Timor. The political entities encompassing the islands are Maluku and North Maluku.

The island was only producer of nutmeg, cloves and mace and formerly called as Spice islands and hence developed colonial interest from Europe in the 16th century. It was once a traveller destination for divers and bird watchers but in January 1999 massacre between Christians and Muslims led to the loss of many lives and the displacement of more than 500,000 people, which hurt the tourism industry. But the Moluccas are now becoming a world-famous traveller destination again.

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1)HIT THE BEACHES :The island is famous for its beaches,full of greeneries,pristine waters and delicious food,a perfect place for family and friends to enjoy a less crowded vacation. 2)DIVING AND SNORKELLING:Not only its beauty,the island has some of the best spots for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts to swim along some magnificent Manta rays and other Marine lives such as the Halmahera Straits where Hammerhead sharks and reef Sharks are a must see. 3)CLOVE ISLAND: Ternate and Tidore island has a history to be the only island that produced Cloves in 18th century when Chinese,Arabs and Japanese used to trade spices from this Island. 4)TREKKING: The island holds some of the beautiful rainforest,coconut palm forest, volcanic hiking spots and many more.It is a perfect place for adventure seeker with plenty of options to explore.If you love birds and are a birdwatcher you can also visit Manusela National Park to witness some of the beautiful endangered species of bird such as the rare moluccan cockatoo. 5)MUCK DIVING: Ever heard about Muck Diving? This weird type of diving style involves searching the sand underwater for little treasures and unique fish such as frogfish,seahorses,mini octopus and sea slugs.The activity is pretty common in the island and full of fun.So if you ever visit this island try Muck diving. 6)LAVA POOL SWIMMING: A massive volcano eruption took place in Banda islands on May 9,1988 destroying everything in its path.Now the molten lava is covered in beautiful coral reef, colorful fishes and other marine lives such as turtles and sharks.


Pearl farming is one of the major sources of economy of the islands. This island holds several gold mines and helps generating some of the islands economy as the island is known to be one of the forgotten islands of Indonesia and any development for the island is hardly seen. Other than this there are exports of other products from the island such as coconuts, sago, trepang (sea cucumber which is edible), tortoise shell etc.

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Maluku Islands

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What is the best time to visit Maluku islands?

The islands contains both dry and wet season. October to march is remains dry and the months from May to August remains rainy. The average temperature in the island remains 23 degrees which can peak upto 30 degree celsius.
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What are the places near Maluku islands?

The top places near to Maluku islands are Bali which is 1389 km from Maluku islands, Jakarta which is located 2218 km from Maluku islands, Lombok which is located 1279 km from Maluku islands, Bandung which is located 2143 km from Maluku islands, Surabaya which is located 1596 km from Maluku islands

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