Banda Islands

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Also Refered As:

Kepulauan Banda

"The Spice Islands"

Banda Islands Tourism

The Molucca region of eastern Indonesia treasures the Banda Islands. Known for the fragrant spices like nutmeg and mace, this phenomenal destination is a paradise for those who fetish diving and snorkelling.

It is one of the most sought after diving destinations in the world. With a view parallel to none, its coral gardens under the clear blue sparkling sea water creates a picturesque scene that gets captured on your mind for ever! Surrounded by the Banda Sea, these islands have white sandy beaches that run for several kilometers in length. 

The Banda Islands are not very easily accessible, which explains the reason why it still holds back some uncluttered beauty. However, it is best accessed from Ambon, the capital of the province of Maluku. Many direct flights fly from Ambon to Banda Islands like the Lion Air, Batik Air and Garuda.

Alternatively, you could take one of the fast ferries from Ambon to reach Banda Islands. The fast ferries turns out to be cheaper than the flights and more reliable especially during the peak seasons. If you make last minute plans, then the slow ferry Pelni, which is a government-run service can come in handy to keep your plans intact.

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Banda Islands

FAQs on Banda Islands

What is the best time to visit Banda islands?

During peak months of July through December, due to heavy flight bookings, the ferries seem to be a better option. The fast ferry (Express Bahari 2B) runs twice a week, from the Tulehu harbour in Ambon while the slow ferry, called the Pelni, runs two weeks once mostly on Saturdays. It is always advisable to check the schedules of these ferrie before you plan to avail their services.
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What are the places near Banda islands?

The top places near to Banda islands are Bali which is 1690 km from Banda islands, Jakarta which is located 2563 km from Banda islands, Lombok which is located 1568 km from Banda islands, Bandung which is located 2480 km from Banda islands, Surabaya which is located 1921 km from Banda islands

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