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Located in the southeastern parts of the Maluku province, the Pulau Kei is known for its spices that are grown in the island like the nutmegs, cloves, mace and many more. The climate here is akin to a tropical one, and the months of April-September, is known as the driest months of Kei island where the rains are scarce. Christianity is the dominant religion of the island. The official language is Indonesian, however Keiese is also widely spoken.

The Kei island is a part of the Wallacea group of islands that are separated by deep water from both the Asian and Australian continental shelves, but there is a natural phenomena that occurs in October 22 and 23 every year known as the Meiti Kei where the ocean recedes upto 6 kms allowing you to walk to the other islands that are separated by the deep waters, it is celebrated as a festival in the Kei islands.

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There is a history of the island that talk about the royals had arrived in the Kei Kecil and stayed in the village with the locals which led to ohoi-ewur becoming the seat of the government which led to the development of the local laws. The evidence of this story is the Bal Sorbay harbour which is believed to be the harbour at which the royals had arrived, it is also a main hub of the island.

Ewab is famous for its beaches Pantai Ngurtavur, Pantai Ohoidertutu, Pantai Daftel where you can dive into the marine life of this beautiful island. When you are out there at Kei seeing all the different places don't forget to pay a visit to the Bair which is known as the paradise of paradise and is unaware to most of the locals of the island.

Some of the other places that you should definitely not miss out on are the Goa Hawang which is one of the deepest caves with fresh water whose source remains unidentified, the Ohoidertawun where the remains of the visitors that were killed by the locals during the ancient times can be seen.


The Kei islands is a popular snorkeling spot, but the ideal time to visit the Pulau Kei is the months of April-May and October-December as these are the dry season months and the sea is a lot calmer and you can also see the migrating pelicans from Australia if you visit Kei at this time.

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