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The Pulau Seram is called by some Malukans as Nusa Ina (mother island) because they believe that all life sprang from Nunusaku peak located in the western ghats of the Seram island. Pulau Seram is the home to a number of endemic species and the Nau-ulu tribes, the tall towering mountains of Seram rise upto 3000m and are home to a wide range of wild species. The people at Seram are divided into two, Christians and Muslims due to either immigration or conversion, with a minority of people belonging to Hinduism.

The Serang was ruled by the Europeans in the 15th century, Portuguese in the 16th and by Dutch in the 17th century just like all the other provinces in Indonesia. Pulau Seram is famous for the Niagara Waisia, Air Terjun Lumoli, Niwelehu Beach, Kassa Island, Marsegu Island, Gumumai Beach, Mount Binaiya which is the highest point in all of Indonesia is also located in the Seram island.

Seram is covered with dense forest making the climate at Seram similar to the climate of any tropical rainforest. Another interesting fact about Seram is that this island falls on its own microplate. Also the deepest cave of Indonesia the Hath Saka lies in the mountains near Sawai and one of the largest underground rivers of the planet, the Sepalewa river lies on the north coast of Seram.

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Pulau Seram
Pulau Seram

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Wildlife at Pulau Seram

One of the main attractions of  Seram island is the Manusela National Park is known for its bird endemism and it consists of 117 species birds and out of which 14 belong to the endemic species, a few are, eclectus parrot, purple-naped lory, salmon crested cockatoo, Seram masked owl, lazuli kingfisher, sacred kingfisher and the Maluccan king parrot. The mammals at Seram belong to either the Asian of Australian marsupials.

The mountain areas of Seram island provides shelter to 38 wide variety of mammal species out of which 9 belongs to the endemic species such as the Seram bandicoot, Maluccan flying fox, Seram flying fox, Seram rat and many more. Saltwater crocodiles are also present at the Salawai River. So if your planning to visit Pulau Seram then don't miss out on the Manusela National Park.

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