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Purana Qila

Lodhi Fort, Ludhiana Overview

Lodhi Fort is one of the forts in the vicinity of Ludhiana in Punjab. Locally known as Purana Qila or Old Fort, it is a grand structure which now lies in ruins due to poor maintenance. The fort stands on a large piece of land now encroached from all sides.

What was once the gateway to Sikander Lodhi's empire and the pride of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, now lies forgotten and in ruins. Surprisingly, a large percent of the local population is not even aware of the whereabouts of this fort. Even though the fort looks like a pretty ordinary ancient structure without invoking much interest of people, it does have a grand past.

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History Of Lodhi Fort

The over 500-year-old Lodhi Fort was constructed by Muslim ruler Sikander Lodhi in the last decade of the 15th century on a strategic location along the banks of the Sutlej in the city of Ludhiana which itself got its name from the Lodhi dynasty and was formerly known as Lodhiana.

Even the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh was aware of the strategic as well as the historic importance of this fort which explains why it was acquired and well maintained during his era. The fort was well kept even until the time of Britishers who frequented it as tourists.

How To Reach Lodhi Fort

Auto rickshaws and taxis are the best way to reach this fort.

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Q. What is actual location of fort? how much time need to visit from pakhowal road?


4 years ago
Lodhi Fort is popularly known as Purana Qila in Ludhiana. It is located 200 metres off the Hukam Singh Road by the Shivpuri Road in Qila Mohalla. Distance from Pakhowal road to Purana Qila is about 9 (Read More) to 10 kms and it can take nearly 30 minutes in usual traffic.
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